When it comes to advertising, you have dozens if not hundreds of options to choose from. From newspaper ads to commercials to writing on the sides of a semi truck or bus, how you choose to get word of your business out in the open will decide whether it soars among the various successful businesses of today or finds itself getting left in the dust. One tried and true way to achieve advertising success is to invest in a few custom signs.

Why use custom signs?

Custom signs are both effective and cost-efficient, and they come in a huge variety of options to best suit your needs.

  • If your business drives a truck or van, for example, an eye-catching vehicle wrap might just be right up your alley.
  • On the other hand, a more brick-and-mortar business could use a few intriguing but professional window decals to catch a potential customer’s eye.
  • Nearly any outdoor event could use a banner or three. If your bakery (to use a hypothetical example) is having a bake sale in a local park, custom signs and banners will make sure everyone knows where to go for more of the delicious treats they’re eating.

custom signs bigger is betterIn the world of custom signs, is bigger really better?

As a general rule, the answer to this is a resounding ‘definitely’. There’s a reason you see ads for the big-budget companies on billboards and the sides of semi trucks – the bigger your sign or ad is, the more attention it grabs. Relatedly, this is also why many big-city stores or diners have large-print lettering along the bottom of their windows. This lets people all the way on the other side of the busy street see what they have to offer. Essentially, bigger signs speak to a bigger audience.

Most of your potential customers or clients don’t know they want your product or service.

Not until they see your custom signs, anyway. So while a small sign will speak to people who are actively looking for a business like yours, a billboard or large banner screams, “Hello, strangers! Pay attention to this fantastic business!”

Dozens or even hundreds of individuals driving down the freeway or walking down the street will suddenly come across your custom signs and think, “Wow, maybe I do want to check out this business.” Or maybe even, “That’s exactly the thing I never knew I needed!” It subscribes to pretty much the same principle as the racks of candy and magazines surrounding the grocery store check-out. You didn’t come to the store for candy, but it’s right there in your face and you just have to have it.

However, there’s also quite a bit of truth in the phrase, “It’s not the size of the sword, but how you use it.”

You can plaster your ad on all of the large custom signs and billboards  in a ten mile radius, but if your advertisement itself is sub-par, you’ll be wasting money on nothing. You’ll want someone with an eye for aesthetics and space to look over your large custom signs to be sure you’re utilizing the space to the best of your ability without crossing the line into messy or cluttered. Don’t make the mistake of using the additional space to spew more useless facts about your business (titles, licenses, nonessential photographs, catchy slogans, etc). Instead, cut it down to the bare minimum information and instead identify your target audience and use your custom signs to appeal to one of their fundamental emotions. After all, an emotionally-invested customer is almost always a paying customer.