Thinking about customizing your ride with a new paint job or vehicle wraps Santa Rosa? The thing to bear in mind from the beginning is that paint jobs are more permanent, potentially more expensive, and may adversely affect the resale value more than vehicle wraps.

In fact, vehicle wraps invariably will help your resale value, as you’ll see in a minute.

Vehicle Wraps Should Increase Resale Value 

man inspecting green and blue vehicle graphics Far from decreasing the resale value of your ride or the value of your fleet vehicles, vehicle wraps actually enable you to protect your investment. How’s that?

When you install a custom vehicle wrap, you automatically wind up protecting the paint job underneath. Think of it as an extra perk.

The more complex the vehicle wrap in terms of the intricacy of the design and how wild and exotic you’re prepared to be with the colors and graphics, the more that vehicle wraps Santa Rosa make sense over a fresh coat of paint. Some graphics made possible by vehicle wraps are literally impossible with paint alone.

And slathering on an undesirable coat of paint can definitely plummet the resale value. What are the chances that someone else wants the same hot pink paint job with flames? Probably pretty low. The chance that another business would be interested in buying one of your fleet vehicles after you remove the vehicle wrap and reveal a preserved paint job are exponentially higher!

In fact, future buyers will know right away that the paint job underneath a vehicle wrap has been preserved for all of the time that the wrap has been adhered to the vehicle’s surface; and vehicle wraps can last seven years or more.

Vehicle wraps end up protecting the paint and prevent future scratches, dust, and UV damage from ruining the paint job underneath.

Save Money in the Short Term Too!

You’re often given the choice between saving money now or reaping savings later, but with vehicle wraps Santa Rosa you can truly eat your cake and have it too.

Vehicle wraps are a fraction of the cost of a new paint job. Depending on the complexity and scope of the proposal, a vehicle wrap could wind up costing up to 80 percent less than a comparable paint job. That means big savings that add up to a king’s ransom if you’re talking about putting vehicle wraps on a bunch of fleet vehicles.

The thing to understand about vehicle wraps is that, once the design has been served up and ready to go, subsequent vehicle wraps are increasingly more affordable. In other words, the more vehicle wraps Santa Rosa that you purchase, the greater the savings!

Time Is Money: Quick Turnarounds 

In business, time is money. The amount of time that your personal or fleet of business vehicles will be sidelined is much shorter with vehicle wraps than with paint jobs over a commensurate surface area.

Vehicle wraps should take less than a week to properly install, and you could well be back on the road in as little as three days if your vehicle doesn’t have too many complex curves (e.g., fleet vans).

With Digital Modeling, Try Before You Buy 

Vehicle wraps are much easier than paint jobs to maintain once they’re installed since they don’t require car washes and waxing to keep in shape.

Simply use a sponge to quickly wipe down your wrap then use a microfiber cloth or chamois to wipe away water. That’s it!

That’s great-but what about before you buy, though? You can actually take a collaborative role in the creation of your next vehicle wrap because the design process takes place digitally on computers.

You’ll be able to make comments and steer the design process depending on how you see your design modeled and superimposed on vehicles just like yours.

You can share your digital designs and ideas online with design teams so that a good idea never goes to waste.

Interested in vehicle wraps Santa Rosa and ready to get started with your next design? Get in touch today!