The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) is constantly looking at the most effective kinds of mobile advertising so that small businesses can focus on the things that they do best.

Reach 95% of Your Customers 

Car Wraps

Recently the OAAA (not to be confused with the AAA that toots its horn and provides roadside assistance) found that mobile advertising like car wraps reaches upwards of 95% of your customers in Santa Rosa.

That’s obviously good news in itself, but it gets better. Car wraps can reach one thousand customers for only four cents! That’s an incredible value over other forms of advertising outreach.

An outdoor sign is pretty good, but that’s not even close to the value provided by car wraps. A billboard will reach thousands of customers to the tune of $3.56 per thousand customers, which is good but not great.

Car Wraps Really are Superior 

More conventional advertising like newspaper ads cost about $20 per thousand customers, and guess what? That’s 500 times more per thousand customers compared to a well-designed car wrap!

And the thing that these studies aren’t measuring is the ceiling, so to speak, on each form of advertising.

A television or newspaper ad probably has the lowest ceiling in that each will air or be seen only once as someone flips through the newspaper’s pages and then that ad will be gone forever.

A magazine ad has a slightly longer half-life because someone might return to it later but there’s still the problem of a limited readership and the fact that a magazine, unlike a car wrap, doesn’t go where the people are.

Mobile Advertising at Its Best 

Car wraps are a mobile form of advertising that feature durable vinyl and eye-popping graphics designed to get people’s attention. That’s perfect for expanding your customer base since basically everyone on their way to work sees your car wraps.

For a small business that kind of brand awareness and instant credibility is invaluable.

If you’re a small business just starting out, then you can get one step ahead of the competition and leapfrog in line to stand toe to toe with bigger fish by having all of your fleet vehicles look as professional as your established competition.

Adding It All Up: Car Wraps Provide Years of Value 

At this point, you’re probably thinking that all of this sounds awesome but your budget is constrained or you simply don’t want to break the bank for more advertising that doesn’t get results.

Well, car wraps definitely get results and they’re incredibly affordable even for fleets numbering a dozen vehicles.

The number of vehicles will obviously affect your price. So too will factors like the total surface area that needs to be covered and how many complex curves (e.g., rivets) are involved. Special graphics might also affect the price.

Fortunately, a lot of newer delivery vans have fairly predictable measurements and are listed as standard, mid and high roof. The length of the wheel base and roof’s height are the tricky factors to nail down.

(Also note that newer vans, trucks, and cars are typically more affordable to wrap because the paint is still fresh and hasn’t peeled or oxidized.)

And even though vans tend to be larger and have more surface area than traditional car wraps, delivery vans or service trucks typically have fewer complex curves to work around. That leads to savings.

You’d be surprised at how affordable furnishing one, two, or all of your vehicles with wraps will be. The longevity of these wraps and the new customers they attract might also come as very pleasant surprises! Contact us for more information.