In recent times car advertising has really become a force to reckon with when compared to the big conventional advertising giants like TV and radio. This form of advertising is becoming increasingly popular in many industries today. Here are few of the impressive benefits companies can enjoy when they choose to utilize car signs as a medium to market their brand.

Car Signs Provide Unlimited Advertising 

Car Signs

Tens of thousands of impressions – Is the best way to describe the impact that this form of advertising is estimated to make on any given day. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America up to 70,000 visual impressions are generated each day through vehicle advertising. These figures even surpass the amount of impressions generated by billboards, radio, direct mail and mass transit advertising. This should give you a basic idea as to how effective vehicle advertising really is.

Additionally studies conducted also reveal that more than 50% of individuals believed that vehicle advertising is more noticeable and memorable. It’s impossible to determine the success of an advertising campaign merely from the amount of impressions it generates however when you calculate the ‘cost-per-thousand’ metric for each of the main advertising mediums and compare it to that of vehicle advertising mediums like car signs you clearly see the difference because car signs are less expensive .

Did You Know Advertising With Car Signs Offers Amazing Tax Benefits?

When companies decide to market brands using car signs or other forms of vehicle advertising they benefit from certain tax write off’sYou should also know that auto deductions are highly scrutinized by the IRS  so avoid fraudulent write off claims. You can claim tax write off’s indirectly by claiming on any expense that goes into placing the said advertisement.

For instance if you wanted to place an Ad on a company vehicle using car signs you can keep track of the expenses accumulated for that particular advertisement and write them off at tax time.

The Best Car Signs in California

It’s evident that car signs have become a great way to get exposure and for a minimal investment companies can transform vehicles into mobile billboards that reach thousands of potential customers daily.

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