Your business is more than its services, products, or its logo. It’s a whole experience and how you market your business determines the interaction you have with your customers.

Your brand’s marketing experience should include everything; from ads, social media, a website, sales promotion to your signage. Signage is often overlooked as technology advances. A business sign is not only a necessary marketing tool but also an inanimate and visual salesperson for your business. It conveys information about your business and also draws attention to promotions.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to reach out to business signs Santa Rosa:

Enhance Communication


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According to research, signs are your brand’s most visible communication method. They do more than informing. Customers will make assumptions about your business according to the attractiveness and quality of your signs. This translates to their beliefs about your brand’s products or service quality.

While a creative design complements your signage, your brand’s exposure also increases. This leads to an increase in new customers alongside repeat business. Similarly, low quality and unattractive signage can deter potential clients from engaging with your business.

Gives a Competitive Advantage

Being unique in a sea of similar business is challenging. Business signs Santa Rosa designs attractive and distinctive signs that will make customers choose your business over your competitors’ company.

The location also plays a vital role in offering your business a competitive edge. Your business sign should be strategically located in a high traffic area close to your business. In situ signage gives you the added advantage of making people discover your brand’s existence.

Convenient Marketing Tool

Having a business sign Santa Rosa is more than having a unique and attractive wayfinding solution. A sign is a vital component of your brand’s marketing approach. In fact, all businesses, whether small or enterprising, benefit significantly from using signs as a marketing strategy.

While there are other tried and tested marketing tools such as newspaper advertisements and billboards, none serves for a more extended period than signs. A sign can serve you as a progressing marketing campaign noticeable 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Creates Brand Awareness

Your brand’s effect on potential clients’ attitudes and perceptions is determined by how great it is recognized. An often noticeable business sign Santa Rosa encourages a connectedness feeling with your audience. This leads to an improved market share and repeat sales.

To benefit from a business sign fully, you have to create a narrative that shows your business values.

The narrative should be exhibited in your company signage and branding. This creates connections between your brand and your customers’ way before they visit your retail shop.

Increases Leads

A well-designed business sign Santa Rosa can generate unbudgeted purchases. In fact, 20 to 45 percent of business sales are a result of impulse buying. Therefore, you need to place your business sign at strategic locations like check-out counters, where customers will be influenced to make additional purchases. Business signs convey dynamic messages that attract more customers to your store.


A business sign is a versatile tool that serves several purposes. It can be a recognizable solution to your company’s problems, such as brand recognition and sales lead.

You can use business signs can either indoors or outdoors. Exterior signs help in drawing attention and differentiating locations and landmarks. On the other hand, interior signs help potential customers locate your business, advertise a promotion, and result in impulse buying when placed in eye-catching displays.

Remember to place your sign in the right dimension and in a prominent place to convey your intended message.

Need several signs for your company? Business signs Santa Rosa has a wide range of attention-grabbing designs. Contact us for more information.