Yes, Christmas has come and gone and it’s a New Year for all of us—so let’s begin by visiting the infamous WRAP.  For most and I would go so far as to say that being most ALL of us when we hear the term WRAP and associating it with a SIGN one would think about a VEHICLE WRAPS…but there is so much more that can be done using the same principles, and I’m not talking about a mixture of tasty ingredients put together in a hybrid tortilla.

Wall Wraps is a fairly new term that hasn’t made its way in being recognized as a type of graphic / signage application.

So allow me to introduce this unique and somewhat custom enhancement / application that can bring a unique look to a vertical display.

When you think of a wall in your place of business or even your personal residence, they can become works of art and billboards with eye-popping visuals… displaying the Grand Canyon in high resolution and having it present itself as you’re standing right on the South Rim while actually standing in your den.  Or presenting a unique and creative menu for your restaurant and positioning it on a selected wall space giving it a fabulous display for patrons to not only order from but quite possibly talk about amongst their friends because of how cool it looks.

The placement of WALL WRAPS is endless left only to both imagination and creativity.  Our industry affords us the opportunity to offer this for both interior and exterior applications and on a variety of surfaces…again…the opportunities are endless!

Think of this as CUSTOM WALLPAPER…we’re not interior designers but we will, together with our clients, come up with a ONE OF A KIND design tailored especially for you and your needs.  Wraps with tasty goodies stuffed inside are great… FOR A MEAL… but WALL WRAPS are tasty too…TASTY COOL!