Unlike paint, vehicle wraps offer a wide range of features, that allow for easy and effective maintenance. They can withstand today’s touchless car washes and even block UV rays. The 3M vinyl used in vehicle wraps is similar to that used on billboards, however, another transparent laminate is added, to reinforce  its durability. If you’re thinking that keeping the vinyl clean may be a task, it’s actually a no brainer and a simple wash with soap and water, will suffice.


Vehicle Wraps Offer You Way More Than You Think

Obtaining a high quality paint job has proven to be a very expensive and meticulous process. Sometimes there are some who prefer to go the extra mile, to achieve perfection with their paint jobs. This may include specialized airbrushing and custom graphics, which are known to incur monstrous price tags.  Worry no more, the answer is simple and cost – effective, give high quality car wrapping a try. This cost only $3000, addresses all your quality concerns and includes complete custom graphics.

Having your car painted can be very time consuming, often prolonging up to two weeks or more. This usually happens due to the tedious business of disassembly, reassembly, prep, sanding and much more, especially if that job includes two or more colors, which can cause time to extend way beyond that.

Being without your car that long, can definitely pose an inconvenience. Here is where the beauty of car wrapping comes in, whereas your job is specially designed on a computer, so you keep your car throughout the process. With a one day installation period, this allows you to be back behind the wheel,driving your newly customized vehicle, in no time.

Given the many inconveniences associated with a high quality paint job, it is no wonder why the tiniest fraction of damage to your car, can be a car owner’s worst nightmare. A scratch or chip is all it takes to leave you with nothing more than a memory of how stunning your car used to be.

Car wrapping provides an easy and affordable solution to this issue. Using state of the art 3M vinyl, car wraps are designed to withstand many forms of damage sustained by cars such as scarring or the effects of time like fading and oxidation. This is revolutionary and changes how we perceive making repairs and customization to our cars.

With that said, selling your car becomes inevitable, after owning it for some time, and when that time comes, you want to appeal to the largest market possible. Custom paint jobs, differing styles and colors can all influence the decisions of  potential buyers. With car wraps, this poses no issue at all. The vinyl is easily and quickly removed and provides an extra layer of protection, restoring the car to its original appearance. Contact us at Sign Servant for more information on vehicle wraps.