A vehicle wrap is famed to be an excellent marketing tool and is known to bring about tons of business, to business owners. Most companies who choose to wrap their vehicles, usually make the decision to do so, at the corporate level. However, in order to be an effective medium of marketing, most if not all, company personnel, have to become informed and involved at some point. Here are some advantages and opportunities, associated with wrapping your company vehicles.

Why A Vehicle Wrap Is Important

vehicle wrap

The location of branded vehicles, is certainly what determines, the amount of visual impressions received daily. However, whether vehicles are moving along the highway or parked in front of your business, just being a mobile and attractive, medium of advertising, a branded vehicle can receive tens of thousands, of impressions daily, which guarantees that your business, product or service, definitely gets noticed.

According to research carried out by the American Trucking Association, a wrapped vehicle traveling throughout a major city, generates up to 65 000, visual impressions daily. Those figures are remarkable and play a major role, in the increase of business, for business owners, using this medium of advertising.

It has also been revealed in the same study, that a wrapped vehicle traveling in a suburban area, initiates up to,30 000 visual impressions per day. Statistics also show, that 98% of consumers, are convinced that using fleet graphics, created a positive impact and played  a major role in their business, by enhancing the image of their companies. Another 96% also agreed that the use of fleet graphics, had a more significant impact on their businesses, than any,other, form of outdoor media.

Considering, these phenomenal statistics and comparing them to the cost of other, traditional marketing mediums, fleet vehicle advertising, is an excellent investment and an astute business decision. This medium effectively functions, to enhance the image and boost the recognition of any company .

There are a few points, that should be resonated upon, when considering a branding program. These points, serve as useful guidelines and assist throughout the process of having your vehicles wrapped. In essence, using these points will allow for your final product to fit and project your company’s message, while being advertised in a way, that is captivating and cost effective. These points are:

  • Vehicle exterior color.
  • Vehicle design.
  • Choice of graphic material based on lifecycle of vehicle.
  • General cost projections.
  • Different wrap types.  For example: simple decals, window graphics, partial and full wrap.

If you have made the decision to get your company vehicle/s wrapped, then contact Sign Servant, we can help manage the entire process. We can work collaboratively with your fleet, deploying our marketing and creative teams, to ensure brand consistency and compliance, with each step of the process.