If you’re a business that does a lot of local real-world advertising – and you really should be doing that! – then this question has definitely crossed your mind at some point – vehicle wrap instead of paint?

Vehicle Wraps Soon to Be $10-billion Industry 

Absolutely: The vehicle wrap market in the United States is set to go over the $10-billion mark by 2025 – more than a 600% increase from where it was back in 2015!

Here’s the deal – vehicle wraps allow you to change the look of your company car or fleet vehicle without the multiple coats of paint and long-term commitment.

Millions of Style Combinations 

Withso much growth in the vehicle wrap industry, you know that vehicle wraps must be offering something unique to businesses; and, businesses, in turn, are getting something back!

The fact is that vehicle wraps can let you bring your brand to life in a way not really possible with a coat of paint. Vehicle wraps can let you pick from a larger pallette of colors, gradients, and graphics than most paint jobs.

Get Back on the Road Quickly 

Depending on the size and complexity of your vehicle wrap, you should be able to get your commercial vehicle in and out, freshly wrapped, in one to five days.

Many businesses owners who lease their fleet vehicles find that the question of going with a vehicle wrap instead of paint is really kind of a no-brainer. Vehicle wraps can be installed in a matter of days and removed almost instantly.

That means that if, say, you’ve got a few years left in your lease, you can quickly have a vehicle wrap installed and removed at the end of the lease, reaping the benefits of vehicle wraps for the time in between.

The company leasing out your vehicles probably wouldn’t be thrilled about your deciding to slap a few coats of paint on yourself, but vehicle wraps are no problem because there’s no residue left behind.

Vehicle Wrap Instead of Paint: Professional and Durable 

But what are vehicle wraps in the first place? Vehicle wraps are made from a durable vinyl material with an adhesive that clings tightly but doesn’t leave all the goo behind.

Vehicle wraps typically last for between five and seven years because of how reliable and resilient this vinyl material is and how the wrap is installed in the first place.

Protects the Existing Paint Job 

So, you’re getting a really professional look yet you can have the canvass cleared and your vehicle returned back to its original condition very quickly; as a bonus, you’ve protected the paint job underneath from the elements by putting on the wrap.

After clearing away contaminants from the paint’s surface, vehicle wrap installers can use a safe isopropyl alcohol solution to get the paint perfectly clean before using a compressed air gun to blow all the remaining grit away.

Vehicle wrap installers want that tight fit with the body of your vehicle so they might recommend temporarily removing the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle to get as close as possible to the edges of the body panels.

Getting that wrap nice and close to the edges isn’t the whole ballgame, though. A heat gun is then called from the bullpen, so to speak, to make the vinyl material more malleable and ensure that it holds firmly to the unique contours of your company vehicle.

After the cleaning phase and application of your vehicle wrap, the final thing to do is remove any air pockets with a squeegee. That’s really all it takes to bring your message to life!

Digitally Design Your Vehicle Wraps Today 

Vehicle wraps can be designed digitally and installed in a matter of days. The whole process rewards experimentation in the sense that vehicle wraps are surprisingly affordable, can be installed and taken off quickly, and afford you literally millions of style combinations (colors, gradients, graphics galore).

The bottom line is that if you’re interested in racking up impressions and spending your advertising dollar wisely (who isn’t?), then you need to look into a vehicle wrap instead of paint. Vehicle wraps are affordable, professional, and effective business advertising tools for years to come.