Businesses are getting in gear for the time of year when they see an increase in activity. What if they could capitalize on this by gaining additional exposure and further boost brands ? Well they can. Recent studies conducted have shown that using banners to promote brands can garner extraordinary results and at the same time improve the visibility of organizations internally and externally. This is becoming a quite popular trend in many industries today.  From successfully raising awareness to indirectly generating revenue using this form of outdoor media is the ideal way to score big.

Banners Are Remarkable Promotional Tools


Displayed in an array of bright and bold colors banners naturally attract the attention and can be displayed in many different locations. For example banners can overhang streets or occupy an entire side of a building and once set up you wont’ have to overspend on advertising. What’s even more impressive is that businesses can customize their signage to suit the nature of their brand or organization. Here are a few examples of the versatility that banners possess and why they are considered to be remarkable promotional tools.

  • Building wraps – A relatively new form of outdoor advertising, building wraps basically use a concept similar to that of decals and stickers. These types of banners are pasted onto buildings and can stretch as long as 25 stories. Now this is advertising that can’t be ignored.
  • Billboards –  Normally portrayed in a large form this type of banner is designed  to constantly attract huge amounts of attention generating thousands of impressions on a daily basis wherever they are placed. These can be electronic, mobile or in the form of vinyl.
  • Vinyl Banners – These are considered to be one of the most commonly used banners and  can come in numerous forms. Displayed as building wraps, display signs, door signs, overhanging street signs and many more vinyl banners can be used for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

Get unlimited marketing in Santa Rosa by using unique and eye catching custom signs this holiday season. Why spend more on ineffective advertising when banners are an an easy, affordable and versatile medium to promote any organization.

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