Research shows that more than two in five of your new customers heard about your business because of custom signs. The power of custom signs doesn’t end there.

A storefront sign right out front can act as a marquee and immediately get customers up to speed about how your business can offer solutions. Matching a customer’s problem with your solution is what business is all about.

And for potential customers who aren’t at the buying stage just yet, indoor and promotional custom signs can be just as powerful at turning curious passersby into loyal customers.

Custom signs are great at quickly conveying the benefits of going through your business. In more ways than one you’re not even limited by time and space.

Custom Signs are Mobile and Flexible 

Custom Signs

Vinyl storefront banners are incredibly affordable per square foot and can be moved around to suit your taste.

Storefront banners and vehicle wraps are designed to attract the 85% of your customers who are within a five-mile radius of your brick-and-mortar location already.

  • Vehicle Wraps and Window Decals

You can even reach out to entirely new markets with vehicle wraps and window decals. Vehicle wraps let you reach more customers than you ever thought possible.

It’s often said in the advertising world that the surest way of broadening your customer base is by making an indelible first impression. Vehicle wraps and window decals allow you to do just that.

Vehicle wraps can work on almost any vehicle, but they’re most popular on delivery and fleet vehicles. Fleet vans are probably the easiest vehicle to install a vehicle wrap on because of the lack of contouring: It’s basically a blank canvas!

They work especially well on the side of a white fleet van, although if you don’t have one of those window decals are another option to consider.

When the advertising experts took a look at vehicle wraps they were extremely surprised at how many views (or ad impressions) these things could rack up.

It turns out that vehicle wraps were able to easily outperform other kinds of advertising. The study assumed an advertising budget of $3,000 and found that vehicle wraps were punching many times above their weight class.

The results showed that vehicle wraps produced more than a million (1.26 million to be exact) ad impressions per year on this relatively modest advertising budget.

Vehicle wraps are able to produce that kind of mileage because they last five years or longer and are mobile. (Mobility in this sense means that you’re reaching out to new customers and cementing older relationships.)

In the study vehicle wraps left older forms of advertising in the dust. Vehicle wraps outperformed radio and direct-mail advertising by sizable margins and generated about ten times more views in a single year than billboards alone.

When you couple the power of vehicle wraps to generate massive ad impressions with custom signs you’ve for sure landed on a killer combination.

Custom Signs for All Your Customers 

Custom signs are a potent tool that can enable your company to attract new customers and cement your relationship with loyal ones.

By the numbers, 85 percent of your customers live within a five-mile radius of your location, so it truly does pay to advertise.

What throws a slight wrinkle in that 85 percent number is that the U.S. Census Bureau shows that about a fifth of all people relocate annually.

That means that the same custom signs that you use to broadcast promotions and improve your brand recognition can be used to attract people new to the neighborhood and shore up new business. Contact us for more information.