Waltz through a department store in the 21st century and you’re almost guaranteed to come across dozens of large format prints. Large format printing services are the secret sauce behind many of these marketing creations.

That’s because large format printing services can generate everything from the banners, point-of-purchase displays, and wall- and floor-graphics to trade-show marketing materials. The truth is that tradeshow signage and business posters are a piece of cake with large format printers.

How It All Works and Helps Your Business 

Large Format Printing ServicesLarge format printing is a computer-controlled process that uses ink nozzles to spray your business logo into position. Rolls of special stock are gradually fed in a large format printer, roll-by-roll, so that your message can be as wide and beautiful as the day is long.

Most large format printing services rely on UV inks, which deliver high-quality images that are resistant to fading and sun damage. For different effects and striking finishes, you might want to ask about using solvent-based inks, though the process of using solvent-based inks is more time- and energy-intensive.

UV inks are considered more environmentally friendly and cost efficient; plus, UV inks dry quicker. The UV inks used with most large format printers are flash dried with UV light so that you can get your poster back sooner without polluting the environment.

One other advantage to using UV inks with large format printing services is that UV inks do not require multiple layers of coating, which many solvent-based inks these days might well require. More layers and longer drying times with solvent-based inks increases the production costs, time to market, and chances of smudging as well.

UV Inks are Environmentally Friendly and Last Longer 

Part of the reason that UV inks have taken the lead over solvent-based inks for most large format printing services can be chalked up to resilience. UV inks don’t seep into the substrate, or print medium, which basically translates into more vibrant images with far greater odds of successfully weathering whatever Mother Nature can throw your poster’s way.

The process of flash drying with UV light bonds the ink directly to your substrate, or print medium, so that you can get your poster quicker without any smudging or need for additional layers.

Bonding the UV light directly to the substrate also prevents scratching if you decide to move around your poster later on. That, by the way, should be fairly seamless since large format prints can be hung up with a few grommets or propped up on a stand for easy transport to and from expos and trade shows.

Creative Uses for Large Format Printing Services Abound 

Large format prints can be used for in-store signage or outdoor signage for all of the reasons listed above: These banners and posters are made from incredibly resilient UV inks and vinyl materials. There are a few creative uses for large format printing services that don’t get the press that they deserve, though.

Examples? Minimalist though classy repeat banners for lining the walls of your store and increasing your brand recognition or – on the other end of the spectrum in terms of detail – maximalist in-store visuals to catch the eyes of customers can both be brought to life with large format printing services.

Consider this too: If you’re staring at a blank wall all day and you want something that customers will talk about for years to come, then in-store visuals might be just the thing to turn an everyday, otherwise banal wall into a vibrant portrait.

A stretch canvas is a similar concept to in-store visuals splashed across one wall of your store in that a stretch canvas can turn a personal photo or detailed fine art into indoor photography that retains fidelity.

The fact is that large format print services can be used for in-store banners or more niche applications because of how solid the fundamentals are: Large format prints use high-quality UV inks that look great, dry quickly, and last for years to come! Contact us for more information.