The title of this post may simply be understood as, “Going the distance…” and I hope that it will express VALUE and WORTH.

Charles Schulz has been an icon…a household name…a legend in some sorts for over half a century and is still running strong with his comic strip PEANUTS.  The museum located in Santa Rosa encompasses a litany of his work in fashions that one really needs to venture to the museum in order to experience.

TNT SIGNS & GRAPHICS has had the pleasure of working for the Charles Schulz Museum for a season now.  But what makes this distinct is that yours truly use to copy / draw the PEANUTS characters when I was a small boy.  In all of my artistic talents and things I would draw, these characters were definitely one of them and I received a call from Karen Ashton, the Graphic Designer for the Charles M. Schulz Museum, I had to pinch myself. I had to take it in that we were actually going to be able to partner with this icon cartoonist and his modern day endeavors in providing our wares in accomplishing them.

charles-schulz-museum-project3What the Charles Schulz Museum has going on are exhibits both local as well as “on the road.”

The examples you see here are of a 1952 Sunday strip with characters that kind of look like those we’ve all seen but in actuality are not. It was part of the very first inceptions of this comic strip and its characters which in some cases brings incredible value to the legacy and there too incredible worth to its run.

The other pictures are of exhibits that take one on a tour back in time. I guess you could see how my crew’s expertise was tested by these displays which included such historically polarizing topics as PRAYER IN SCHOOL…VIETNAM…FAMILY AROUND THE TELEVISION…THE COLD charles-schulz-museum-project2WAR…and FEMINISM. Many of us have lived through these historic times and some have experienced them first hand but hopefully most all of us have withstood the test and have seen the changes that these events have molded through time.

We certainly feel as if in some productive ways TNT SIGNS has withstood the TEST OF TIME.  From the early days of taking the entrepreneurial risk…to hiring an Charles Schulz Museum Projectemployee…moving into a shop…and even going through the recession…we’re confident that the lessons learned have definitely shaped us into who we are today.

I am proud to say, TNT Signs is a sign company that truly wishes to place VALUE on each and every customers WORTH…to establish a relationship through getting their needs met.