The biggest advantage to large-format printing is increasing your brand awareness. A huge poster outside your shop, inside your store, or at your next trade show will percolate discussion for sure.

To compete with the attention-grabbing power of digital marketing your real-world advertising needs to be supercharged. That’s where large-format printing comes in.

Large-format printing distinguishes your business from the competition by putting your branding message in vibrant color and surrounding it with graphics designed to grab customers’ attention.

The Technology and Lightning-fast Speed of Large-format Printing 

Large Format Print

Couldn’t your next grand opening or fundraiser benefit from a little extra fanfare? You bet it could.

Virtually the only limitation with large-format printing is your imagination since the technology and speed of this kind of printing are both cutting edge.

Large-format printing uses droplet technology so that microscopic ink droplets can be pressed into place with precision ejections to give you unmatched image quality and graphics that really pop off the page.

Using CMYK color combinations (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key-color black), large-format printers utilize UV inks that produce fade- and water-resistant results.

Large-format printers are also tremendously versatile and can emblazon your message on glass, vinyl (e.g. vinyl banners), plastics, fabrics, metals, and high-quality paper stock.

Incredible Speed 

With large-format printing you’ll be able to get your message out quickly as well since all of your images can be uploaded and enhanced digitally.

A large-format printer can churn out more than a dozen huge prints in an hour, which means that your branding idea can come to fruition in time to capitalize on your customer’s changing tastes.

Distinguish Between Text and Graphics 

The real “secret sauce,” if you will, to large-format printing is these printers’ ability to distinguish between image and text (this distinction is made during the printing process and makes all the difference in the world).

If you’re not one of the biggest companies around like Nike or Facebook then your branding message probably needs more than a logo. Some text is necessary so that customers know who you are, what to buy, and where to go. 

Large-format printers seamlessly distinguishes between text and graphics so that the droplet technology that makes large-format printing so crisp is put to the best possible use.

Distinguishing between text and graphics also ensures that nothing gets muddled and that your text is sharp and your graphics are colorful and engaging.

At the end of the day you couldn’t ask for much more out of your advertising. 

Boost Your Walk Ins and Sales 

The Trade Group found that large-format prints work by boosting sales, increasing walk-in traffic to your business, and generating a buzz in the neighborhoods that you do business.

In fact, they found that 68% of American consumers purchased a product simply because a sign caught their eye. And there’s definitely something attention-capturing about a ten-foot-wide large-format print with stunning graphics, no doubt about it.

The odds that someone will waltz into your store because of your large-format print also go way up since The Trade Group also found that 76% of American consumers checked out a store simply because of a sign out front.

What’s maybe more surprising at first but makes sense once you stop and think about it is that 68% of consumers immediately associate the quality of a business sign with the quality of that business and its goods and services.

That makes sense on reflection since a company that takes its advertising seriously, and is serious about curating a pleasant experience for its customers, would also be focused on delivering high-quality products and services. Contact us for more information.