Stickers for cars serve so many different purposes that it’s kind of silly. On the most basic level, car stickers are informative and can, thus, be used to rally support for a cause or promote more cautious driving (baby on board! or caution: student driver!).

Support a Heartfelt Cause 

All good stuff. But stickers for cars can go one step further by letting you and your family represent your basic beliefs and let the world know where you stand on a particular issue.

Think politics and religion. Or, if that’s too dusty and abstract, think about supporting a heartfelt cause like veganism or climate change. You might be surprised how many new friends you’ll make.

Identify Your Vehicle 

Wacky and colorful stickers for cars can help you identify your vehicle in a sea of similar cars. Imagine how many black, white, and light green cars there are out there with basically the same make.

Slap a window or bumper sticker on there and you’ve got a car that you can identify in a hurry in a crowded lot…especially when you’re not quite sure where you parked your car, the kids are screaming, and dozens of different cars have encircled yours as you’ve been going about your business!

Give Your Branding Legs 

Speaking of business, stickers for cars really shine when it comes to shoring up more space in peoples’ minds to think about your brand.

One of the primary reasons that stickers for cars are so popular is that car stickers, decals, and window clings can generate thousands of impressions (customer views) for the cost of a single sticker.

Save a Ton of Money 

In terms of cost, the best part is that the more stickers that you order, the more that you’ll save.

Vinyl stickers made from digital inkjet printers are still much cheaper than screen printing because with screen printing you’re having to front a high cost to get the ball rolling.

Screen printing pays off later but not necessarily initially because the screen takes so much time and money to set.

Inkjet printers and vinyl car stickers are made with resilient UV inks that can provide you with years of reliable service and savings from the word go.

You can even digitally alter and transmit the files that will eventually make it onto your stickers. Now that’s awesome.

Make Driving Much Safer

They might be somewhat cliche at this point, but Baby on Board stickers and Student Driver stickers for cars are a great way to make other drivers more cautious.

And, you know what? A lot of these cliches actually have a lot of common sense backing them up.

As an example, having that sticker on the back of long-haul trucks telling you about their blind spot (and the fact that you might be in it!) is a huge safety advantage to other drivers.

For a few bucks that driver was able to make everyone on the highways safer. Knowledge is power.

Rally Around Local Teams 

Some people say that you haven’t really assimilated into a new community until you start supporting local teams and community events. That might actually be true.

Stickers for cars are a quick way to show that you’re keeping up with local news and showing support for the high achievers in the community.

Give a Leg Up to Small Businesses 

One really cool thing about stickers for cars is that they can allow you to, in a sense, make the news by giving more attention to local small businesses that you had a particularly positive experience with.

A lot of businesses these days will actually give out stickers for cars to customers as they’re trying to make a name for themselvse because they know that this practice does wonders for their branding. No matter your walk of life, stickers for cars obviously tick a lot of boxes! Contact us for more information.