Doesn’t the idea of free advertising sound wonderful? So wonderful, perhaps, that it couldn’t possibly be true. Well, it might be if you consider how stickers for cars work. 

What’s the sense in paying for advertising each time a commercial runs or an ad is clicked online when you can buy stickers for cars and get the same exposure for free?

Don’t Be Shy About Distribution  

By handing out stickers for cars at your brick-and-mortar location and trade shows you can significantly increase your brand’s exposure to new customers. 

Stickers for Cars

It could be as simple as slipping stickers for cars into every new order that ships out.

As long as you have attractive graphics and a brand that people connect with, you should be golden. People might even wind up popping your decals all over their vehicle just because they like the design! 

Once you establish enough customer loyalty – and maybe you’re there already – your customers might even pay you for the privilege of spreading your brand around town by purchasing car decals and bumper stickers. How cool is that? 

Never Waste a Marketing Opportunity 

Stickers are a lot like the brands that they represent – a powerful way to quickly connect with your customers. 

For all of the initial impact of a great message, you can use stickers for cars to convey a lot of information as well. 

Consider advertising to customers on the back of your stickers or using the paper backing for your stickers to furnish customers your contact information. 

Offer Coupons on Paper Backing 

And – because the end goal is drumming up more business for your company – another option is to print and include a coupon on the paper backing of your stickers. 

This makes customers feel that they made the right choice with your company and potentially lets them redeem coupon codes in-store or online, whichever is more convenient for customers and your business. 

Just remember to tell customers how they can use the coupon code found on the paper backing (e.g., “go online to save 15% by entering code SUPERSAVER”).

As always, with stickers for cars you have all the control in the sense that you can advertise time-sensitive offers or simply get the word out about your brand. 

Use Stickers as Business Cards

Business cards have a nasty habit of getting shoved deep into someone’s wallet or purse and never being seen or heard from again. 

Rather than going down that route, why not have your contact information on stickers and offer them to employees and customers alike? 

It’s not often that someone is truly wowed by a business card. What’s more, business cards are often only seen by the recipient. These aren’t like rare baseball cards that are prized decades later. 

The New Business Card 

Stickers for cars, on the other hand, can convey all the essentials about your business in a fun way that gets seen around town and talked about. 

A huge part of branding is simply getting inside people’s heads and making your brand a part of folks’ lives.

There’s no better way to do that than by putting out a piece of marketing that’s enteraining, eye-grabbing, informative, and maybe cost-saving as well if you include a coupon on the paper backing. 

One last benefit to stickers over business cards is that with stickers for cars you can make the size and graphics as big and loud as you want whereas business cards are one-size-fits-all affairs and don’t necessarily set any hearts aflutter. 

Consider Professional Design for Stickers for Cars 

A professional can fix you up with the most flattering designs, best solvents and inks, and lamination that goes the distance.

Consider that durable, vinyl stickers for cars can stay on the road for five years or more. That’s a lot of free advertising!