While smart phone ads are probably the best marketing tool ever devised, one that’s almost as successful overall, less of a financial investment and can last even longer is car signs. With any type of vehicle graphics and car signs, you have the power to find people regardless of whether or not they download an app. Even people who have an 80s-style “Zack Morris” phone can see car signs, and this can influence them to use your services if they have a problem you can solve.

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Plenty of Time

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America or OAAA reports that most Americans drive roughly 15,000 miles per year, and most of that is done on major roadways. On those roadways, you can simply be another part of the traffic patterns, or you can be making money by making your company a little bit better known to your target customers. Since you may be driving even more than the average, you may find yourself being seen, and having your car signs be seen, by an even larger group of motorists.

So Many Opportunities

It is estimated that you may be able to pass enough people in a year’s time to pay for an entire fleet’s worth of car signs each year. Since a car sign can last for many years if you install it properly, this is a potentially huge boon to your business. If you know how much a customer is worth to you across the lifetime of their association with you, you have the power to pay for your car signs with only one or two customers total. Considering how many additional opportunities you are likely to get through the use of your car signs on a regular basis, you can blow those figures out of the water without even trying.

Numerous Impressions

The Traffic Audit Bureau suggests that a sign in an urban area that is on the side of a work truck or other vehicle can draw as many as 70,000 views from distinct motorists across the lifetime of the sign itself. Considering that every area is unique, you may find yourself getting 10,000 people’s attention 7 times, or even getting 100,000 or more impressions if you travel through two urban areas as part of your normal zone of service. Since the American Trucking Association claims that on a truck, an ad can reach as many as 16 million views each year, the earlier estimate may be even more conservative.

Mad Return On Investment

Consider the cost per click on a website or a social media venue. To get tens of thousands of views, you may have to pay an unpredictable amount of money that may be taken from your account at any moment. This can be unpredictable, and as a small business owner you need to keep a tight rein on your cash. With car signs, you pay a nominal fee one time, and then you’re done paying for them. Your car signs will then work for you for as long as you drive around with them.

Nearly Passive Income

According to the OAAA, roughly 98% of drivers on the road remember noticing the signs on a work vehicle near them. Is your vehicle equipped with car signs, or are you missing out on a huge source of virtually passive income? How many thousands of dollars do you spend on other types of ads, and how much work do you repeatedly put into tweaking and re-releasing them? Make it easier on yourself!

Car signs are a great way to put your advertising dollars to work for you. Contact us and grow your business the smart way!