Yes, at TNT Signs, we love this song!

Businesses all over use signs to attract customers…so you might say, “tell me something I don’t know…?”

How about I share with you something that will not only validate my comment but maybe offer a little peace of mind to you, the business owner?

It’s not surprising that whether it’s a road trip or just getting around town, there is a level of relief knowing that your needs are going to be met because of a sign.  Perhaps you need something to eat… or a place to sleep… or just maybe the store you’re looking for along with the BIG SALE they have going on.

Whatever your interaction, signs can be found everywhere… signage is a huge part of how we identify places and people… it really is no wonder businesses use them to get their messages out!

A recent study revealed how signage helps businesses attract customers.

It narrowed things down both demographically as well as how the creative elements and graphic design impacted customers.  The results were that a higher percentage of those who were drawn to signage we done so because of pretty much how the sign looked…simple as that. Did we really need a study to learn this? Probably not. But the point is, if you are going to do a sign (and, of course we think you should) make sure it is done well! It will help you to attract more customers and will build your brand identity.

So…in my humble yet professional opinion based on over two decades of working in this industry that it isn’t so much as how many signs you can put up, but more so what they SAY… after all, when you’ve driven 100 miles and are in need of facilities, the word RESTROOMS can be promising sight!