Too often signs for business are seen as the last item on a business marketing to-do list when, in fact, an appealing sign is one of the most powerful tools you have for gaining customers and boosting sales. In the 21st century, you really need both an online and real-world presence to attract and retain customers.

The fact is that while being found on social media and search engines will definitely increase your chances of being spotted easily by customers, many of these digital methods are somewhat unproven. Fortunately, the digital methods that have actually proven to work (e.g., local SEO) work very well with real-world signs since customers still need to spot your business after finding it through Google!

Obviously having a responsive, SEO-enabled website in this smartphone-equipped world will help, so too will real-world signage that has a positive track record stretching back literally generations.

You now might be tempted to think that real-world signage is one-size-fits-all or plain vanilla – however there are thousands of types of signs, color schemes, and graphics to choose from. Bringing your brand’s logo to life has never been simpler. While a strong contrast and sans serif fonts are recommended for convenient readability, the style choices are truly yours to make!

Point of Purchase Signs: Simple but Powerful Concept 

Outdoor signage is hugely popular and, pardon the pun, deservedly gets a lot of the limelight, point of purchase signs have a practical edge to them – perfect for driving sales. Point of purchase signs can help your customers find their way around your store, which leads to higher customer satisfaction and greater sales for your business.

Faciliate In-store Navigation 

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be not to be able to navigate a store in time; point of purchase signs nip that frustration in the bud and help your business to capitalize on sales opportunities. Point of purchase signs for business can also be there when a sales representative can’t get to customers in time to promptly answer a question or steer them in the right direction.

Highlight Ongoing Promotions 

Instead of having to hear about current sales and promotions from a sales representative, some customers might frankly prefer to get that same information from a point of purchase sign. Rather than breaking the flow of the browsing experience or interrupting a conversation that a customer is having with a friend of family member, why not let point of purchase and in-store signage do the work for you?

Business Signs Cost-efficiently Work 24/7 

That might sound like a paradox – how can something working around the clock be cost-efficient. The trick is that business signs are constructed from durable polyvinyl materials, designed to last for years to come. If you’re deploying outdoor signage then, absolutely, your signs for business can continue to work even when you’ve shoved off for the day.

If customers can’t come in to your store at, say, midnight or because they’re too time-strapped, they should still be able to make a quick note of where your business is located and the contact information displayed on one of your outdoor signs for business. During regular business hours, research from the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA) shows that nearly half of business sales in fact come from unplanned “impulse” stops: these decisions are often driven by colorful signs for business.

Both point of sale and outdoor signs for business could be thought of as silent sales people who work around the clock to increase your business’s exposure throughout the community. The bottom line is that signs for business will keep your brand in the front of customers’ minds. The daily exposure to your company’s brand can’t help but have beneficial effects in terms of exposure, growth, and sales! Contact us for more information.