Signs for businesses in Santa Rosa are so important because your community is constantly changing. The U.S. Census shows that in any given year about 15% of people move. People move in and people move out, and Santa Rosa is constantly changing.

One source of stability are signs for businesses in Santa Rosa. In order to be really effective, according to the U.S. Small Business Association, business signs need to be practical, legible from afar, well-maintained, and properly zoned for your Santa Rosa neighborhood.

As it turns out, business signs for Santa Rosa businesses are important for another reason, and it has to do with the way people shop and expect your business to stand out.

Folks Love Driving…and Finding a Great Deal 

Signs for Businesses

Americans keep breaking records for the amount of time that they spend on the roads. Last year’s record was just shattered since Americans in cars, trucks, and SUVs logged over 3 trillion miles on the roads in 2017.

All of this driving has an obvious implication for businesses in Santa Rosa: You need business signage that gets seen by these drivers. Durable vinyl banners, window decals, and vehicle wraps are all part of the answer to attracting more mobile shoppers.

Consider that about half of your customers are now thought to come from outside of your Santa Rosa neighborhood. This means that half your customers live outside that magical five-mile radius around your business.

Another really important thing to consider is that shoppers who drive by, as opposed to walk by, your store are 44% likelier to make an unplanned purchase. That’s a great reason to have a huge vinyl banner out front.

Attract, Brand, and Create (ABC)  

To be truly effective your business signs, banners, decals, and wraps need to do three things well: attract new customers, brand your site effectively, and create impulse buys. This have been called the ABCs of business signage (attract, brand, and create). Pretty catchy, right?

There’s a reason that the big chains put up a sign around a new franchise location even before ground is broken. That’s how you attract new customers and reinforce your brand to customers that are constantly moving.

You might also be surprised to find out that a lot of the big chains have entire wings of their marketing departments dedicated exclusively to signs. Yep, just signs.

They know how important it is to communicate clearly to new customers, loyal customers, in-store browsers, and curious drivers.

They also know that 80% of impulse buys are still done in brick-and-mortar stores and that that every American shopper spent, on average, over $5,000 on impulse buys last year.

Impulse buys happen in all kinds of industries, but especially in services and retail. Food, clothing, and household goods saw the most impulse buys largely because businesses in those industries are well known and communicate clearly.

These kinds of businesses are constantly running promotions as well: 85% of impulse buys involve customers taking advantage of discounts and promotions.

So, using your signs for business in Santa Rosa to tell customers what items are currently on sale makes a ton of sense. In fact, 88% of impulse buys are made because the item or service was on sale.

Don’t be bashful about telling people that you’re running a special. If it’s their first time interaction with your business, they might not know the going rate for something: Letting them know that they’re getting a deal greatly increases the chances of making the sale.

A lot of impulse purchases – and purchases, period – happen because customers don’t want to miss an awesome deal. Contact us for more information.