In the same way that no two people wear the same outfit identically, every business takes advantage of business banners in different ways. Since vinyl banners are so weatherproof and durable, you have more options than you might at first think.

Using Banners Creatively

The reason that banners have stayed in the spotlight while other forms of advertising have come and gone is that banners are both effective and versatile. Banners put up on the front of your building can drum up local interest and get people paying attention.

A lot of times we can fall into autopilot mode when walking around or cruising through Santa Rosa with incoming texts, passengers, other drivers and the radio all competing for our attention. Vibrant, vinyl banners cut through a lot of this noise and tempt people to step inside.

  • Your Business or Mine?

Consider putting banners where they’re most likely to increase exposure to your business…even if your business is just getting off the ground or doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar shop in the most active areas.

Working through a non-competitor, you could even shore up some ad space on a building in a super popular area, or just a part of town that you want to start expanding into.

Putting banners on the side of buildings that get a lot of car traffic is an awesome way to get thousands more eyes taking in what you have to say.

  • Don’t Pass Up an Overpass Opportunity

No soapbox, payment plans or endless payments to advertisers required: Vinyl banners are affordable, versatile and an extremely efficient way to reach thousands of more potential customers as you keep the cogs of your company moving smoothly.

Popping a weatherproof vinyl sign across an overpass in Santa Rosa can greatly increase your overall exposure, especially since so few companies think to go this route, so to speak.

Since some of your customers might be interested but unable to take in that much information as they drive, make sure to keep your message short and sweet.

You could also try putting signs and banners on the route of privately owned railroads – where, let’s face it, people are bored and looking for something to grab their attention anyway.

  • Your Company’s On Next

Up to this point we’ve been talking about using banners as a general means of advertising your business. There’s another way: Using signs and banners to commemorate an event, company achievement, booth at a trade show, or for advertising your company at music festivals and sporting events.

The reason that BIG name companies advertise their wares along the rink at NHL games is that these companies know that greater exposure ultimately equals more sales.



Indoor Signs and Banners

Imagining a store without any signs to indicate where to find certain sections or what’s on sale at the moment is like imagining canvass-white cereal boxes without rambunctious little cartoon characters: It can be done, but there’s no excitement there.

Custom-sized, double-sided indoor signs are a great way to whip up a little excitement and kill two birds with one stone. How?

You can have different messages printed on each side of your indoor sign – on the outside you’re creating a message that gets people through the door and checking out all of your products; on the inside part, your sign can appeal to only those customers who’ve taken the time to have a gander. Efficient, clean and crowd-pleasing is what we are set out to achieve so contact us so we can assist you today.