The sign industry is in and of itself a business that specializes in IDENTITY offering a cornucopia of SIGN TYPES and MATERIALS to accomplish the tasks at hand, along with a list of services to add to the whole experience of investing into a particular sign.  Companies will offer design, fabrication, installation, permits and even maintenance contracts with specialized or specific types of signs.

Sign CompanyAt TNT SIGNS & GRAPHICS we offer all of these services with a specific goal in mind: to be a ONE STOP SIGN SHOP…to give you, our customer, the peace of mind knowing that from the initial phone call to the installation, your identity is covered and promised to be effective according to what’s discussed.

When looking for a sign company it really is no different when shopping for any other say a pair of shoes—if you see someone wearing a cool pair of shoes, ask them, “where did you get those?”  The same for a sign company…if you see a cool sign on a building or vehicle, etc., ask the person that owns that building or vehicle, “Who did your sign?”  

Word of mouth is the highest form of attracting business and we’re grateful and proud to say that a huge portion of our business comes from this venue—people letting other people know we did their signs.

And lastly in to WORD OF MOUTH, you can rest assured and it would be safe to say that sign companies that have been around for some time—have roots with both the community and their customers for years, and in my humble opinion a safe place to start in selecting a sign company. Contacting a company that has been serving businesses locally for well over a decade or so will prove o be knowledgeable of both the types of signs…materials used to make solid long lasting signs…even able to note that some items or procedures in manufacturing or fabricating your sign will be done by a highly reliable and qualified outsource that the sign company partners with—again—to extend and secure your peace of mind.

TNT SIGNS & GRAPHICS covers all these bases—we’ve been serving customers in northern California since 1998 as an incorporated business and have been related to the industry since 1984.  Our passion is to bring your IDENTITY to life and do it from A to Z, clearly and concisely so together we’re thorough and you have total peace of mind.