We at TNT SIGNS & GRAPHICS had the opportunity to take this unique ride into CRUNCH TIME recently by providing signs for the recent 8TH ANNUAL Santa Rosa Marathon 2014.  Out of the nearly 400 individual signs that were finalized on August 14th with the last set of 40 pieces going out at 4:30 on the 22nd (yes, the night before the event) it all came down to seven words from the promoter of the event, Orhan Sarabi, “We couldn’t of done it without you!”

This event was epic. Earthquake the night before the race, lots of fun and excitement but but I’m talking about the real race… the race to get the sign job done from START TO FINISH!

We have all been there and all the while wearing a straitjacket because things are so CRAZY…yes GOOD CRAZY but sometimes the jacket seems to fit great! Not even an Earthquake could bring this event down, and TNT Signs rose to the occasion as the closing weeks to this great event began to build up pressure!

It is an interesting phenomenon when you think about the situation… we are the service provider and YOU’RE the one in need.  And when it’s CRUNCH TIME…one of those “needing it yesterday projects” benefits because of our experience as a lot of basics seem to go on auto-pilot and then it’s all about the client.

After all you are the customer and quite frankly we as the service provider pretty much knew what we were getting into when we chose to accept the work and size up the project. Admittedly, there are times where we take our pointer finger and flip it up and down rapidly against our lips and hummmmmm!

CRUNCH TIME happens more time than not in the sign business, but for the most it is where we are put to the test. We often accept the challenge, we don’t complain and love that we are given the opportunity to perform at top speed, even with all the craziness. Why? Because the rewards are three fold. We thrive on the thrill of the race… just like the competitors in this years Santa Rosa Marathon 2014!

There really is an insane but sane BUZZ that takes place and the energy from it is not for the weak. Sign making veterans who have lived and emerged victorious can truly run with the big dogs in these circumstances. They know that once the smoke settles and the project is through that it is common to find that the the customer quickly becomes your very best friend can you sit back and say YEAH!!!

Honestly, we admit that we would not like to endure this on a weekly basis but it’s safe to say that if you’re in need of something “YESTERDAY” and find yourself in a jam that we’ll do everything we can to meet your needs by working our magic. Like all the runners who actually ran the race and were awarded a jacket, we like to think that we earned the jacket too!

Have a big event coming up? Need signs? Call the champions!