Trade shows are one of the best ways to get the word out about a new product lineup or simply get the word out period about your business if you’re just starting out.

It’s not hard to understand why all kinds of businesses use trade shows when you realize that they’re a great way to get contact information on your future customers, increase engagement with people who are already following your brand, and get some networking under your belt.

The first step, though, is getting noticed. Contests with giveaways and promotional items certainly have their place, but the centerpiece of your trade show should really be a large format print that puts your brand front and center.

Even though trade shows are an excellent way to increase brand awareness, the number one reason for attending trade shows for businesses and customers alike is still new products. That’s been the case for the last 25 years.

Ninety two percent of trade show attendees say that discovering new products is the number one reason for going to trade shows. With that in mind, trade show banners and large format prints obviously need to be visually (more than text-) oriented, colorful and sharply rendered, and with a snappy call to action at the end.

Large Format Printing Services Santa Rosa Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals 

Crowd at a tradeshow surrounded by several booths and Tradeshow Display signsThe three goals of trade show exhibits, according to the businesses that use them to increase their reach, are: increasing lead generation, brand awareness, and networking opportunities. Large format printing services Santa Rosa help with all three goals.

Statistics from trade shows indicates that more than four out of five of your customers (81 percent) have buying authority, which in the world of marketing means that they’re ready to make a purchase as potential customers right then and there.

The only thing left to do is increase brand awareness and reach out to those customers with large format prints at trade shows! In-person interactions can obviously engender networking and you can increase your lead generation through on-site contests, which allow you to collect contact information.

What Large Format Prints Work Best? 

The cool thing about large format prints is that you can grab the attention of trade show attendees strolling by with blown-up vector images that are only around 100 PPI (pixels per inch) instead of the 300 PPI used in brochures and magazines.

Large format printing for trade shows still lets you use vector images on your computer since Adobe Illustrator will let you scale up these files without sacrificing the clarity of smaller images. Raster images can lose fidelity when scaled up, but that’s not the case with vector images.

This means that you can get the same “wow” factor from a lower PPI vector image that’s been scaled up as you would get from a 300 PPI image in a glossy magazine or snazzy brochure.

Large format printers use cutting-edge technology to bring your brand to life. Piezo inkjet printers use UV-curable inks that are waterproof, extremely colorful, and embossed however you like.

Does Your Trade Show Display Pass the 5-second Test? 

Five seconds. That might not sound like a great deal of time but that’s how much time the average trade show attendee will take to determine whether to stop at a particular booth. So, what do you do? Bright colors, legibile text, a social media handle, and brisk call to action are the best ways to get customers to pump the brakes and check out your trade show exhibit.

Even if they only have a moment and can’t stick around, the fact that you’ve included your company’s social media handle and your website means that they’ll be able to go on their smartphones or jot those details down and check out your company in their own time.

A targeted mobile website and QR codes on your trade show banners, marketing collateral, and promotional items are also great ways to keep folks in the loop once they head home. Still, you need to grab their attention in those first five seconds – think colorful, captivating, crisply rendered large format printing services Santa Rosa. Contact us for more information.