When you step back and think about it, banner printing really is revolutionary. You can print your message across vinyl banners that span the entire length of your storefront in virtually any color, shape, and design. 

You Own and Control the Narrative 

Banner Printing

And here’s the thing – unlike other forms of advertising that you have to pay on a subscription or per-click basis for, with banner printing you actually own the advertising and physical marketing collateral. 

The key advantage there is that you can take your banner down, stage it elsewhere to get better results, or keep it up for years. Banners give you incredible return on investment because you only pay one time upfront. 

Other forms of advertising like search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising have you paying every time that your ad plays online for someone, whether or not they even check out your store in real life. 

Physical, real-world advertising makes a lot more sense from the following standpoint: People who are right in front of your store are much more likely to pop inside after seeing an intriguing banner out front. 

Versatile Banner Printing for Promotions 

The banner out front shows that you’re all about professionalism and making a good first impression, sure, but a storefront banner can also be used to clue customers in to a time-sensitive sale. 

If you have a bit more inventory than you know what to do with or just need to drum up more business, then you can simply string up one of your specialized banners and advertise for that particular product. 

Many vinyl banners are double-sided and super easy to string up in a hurry since all that you basically need to do is unroll your banner and hang it up along the grommets at each of the corners. 

The kinds of weatherproofed, UV-cured vinyl inks can last for years outdoors even when the vinyl banner isn’t itself laminated. If you’re looking to get extra mileage out of your banner printing, then by all means get it laminated or go with coated finish.

Lamination and Coating for Extra Durability 

Typically vinyl banner printing meant for the outdoors is made from vinyl and a polyester mesh scrim. The polyester mesh is ideal for creating more protection against the elements.

The strength of the polyester mesh scrim is actually measured in something called deniers – this isn’t someone who says that Santa Claus isn’t real.

Deniers is a measure of the polyester mesh scrim’s weight and how much mesh is actually used in your vinyl-polyester banner. Typically the more material you use in terms of polyester mesh, the stronger your banner. 

But another thing that makes your banner resilient against the elements is the vinyl used. Polyvinyl chloride and the plasticizer used in banner printing provides more strength and flexibility to the final product. So, how do plasticizers really work and help to increase the lifespan of your vinyl banners? 

Basically, a plasticizer is a solvent added to a synthetic resin to make your banner more supple and less brittle. In other words, when the wind blows and puts your vinyl banner to the test, your vinyl banner will hold up because the plasticizer in your banner makes it less brittle and less prone to cracking over time.

That also keeps your banner looking fresh for years. Laminating your banner or getting it dipped and coated increases the durability of your vinyl banner that much more. A vinyl banner with a polymeric plasticizer that’s gone through a coating process can really go the distance. Banner printing can help your business expand into greatness. Contact us for more information.