Local advertising should be one of the key components of your marketing strategy. Even those businesses that mostly sell online or have clients around the world will want to devote some resources to local marketing. Local clients are likely to be some of your first clients and may become long-term clients as well. If you’re a new business, your first marketing plan may be focused on these customers.

How can you attract local customers? There are a number of different tools out there, but one of the most effective options is to create custom signs. These signs will help raise awareness of your brands both in and out of your store or office. Custom signs can transform your business if designed and used correctly. How can you do both? That’s where TNT Signs comes in. Our team can assist you in creating incredibly effective custom signs, banners, and other marketing items that will maximize your brand’s visibility and help you build a customer base. 

Let’s take a look at the ways custom signs can be used to grow your business and how TNT Signs can help you create them.


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The Power of Custom Signs for Local Businesses

There are a number of different benefits to using custom signs. Different types of signs give you different benefits, too, so you’ll want to use a mix of different sizes. Some signs are designed to be used outdoors and can help you capture people’s attention. Others are designed for indoor use and can help reinforce your brand while also providing direction or instructions to your customers. 

For example, large custom outdoor signs are perfect to put on the front of your building. These signs let everyone know where your business is located. People may drive or walk by and decide to step in to browse your products, or they may take note of the services you offer for future reference. On the other hand, if you place custom yard signs around your city, you’re essentially putting out small billboards. You may not get as much walk-in traffic from these signs since they’re not right outside your business, but you will increase brand awareness and reach people whose daily paths don’t take them by your storefront. Both of these types of signs have their place in your marketing plans.

Another benefit to custom business signs is that they can be fully customized. We can print your signs in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and even shapes. Sometimes you need a custom door sign that’s round or a large custom welcome sign that fits in a specific space. Just give us the measurements, and we’ll help you create the perfect sign.


Seasonal Promotions Through Custom Signs

Another way to maximize your visibility is to create custom wall signs for seasonal promotions. These signs will mostly be used inside your business, but you may want to make one or two large signs to put outside or in the front windows, too. You may want to use these promotional banners to advertise holiday sales, summer specials, clearance discounts, or new product launches. 

Some of them may be fairly generic banners for sales events that have no specific start and end dates and don’t advertise a specific product. These can be used every year, so you get a good return on the investment. Others may be only used once, but you can still see a return on that investment because you’re promoting specific items or blocks of time. Sometimes having a major sale weekend brings in more customers than a more generic “summer sale” banner would. Both have their uses. Often, most of your holiday signs can be used year after year, but you may have a few custom signs made for specific sale dates.


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Diverse Sign Solutions for Every Need in Sonoma County

There are many different types of custom banners and signs. You have interior and exterior, as we’ve mentioned. You can also have huge banners that hang down the side of the building, or you can make small signs to put on shelves that provide information about products. Some signs may direct customers, such as showing where the exit, cashier, or restroom is located. Others may provide information about payments or your hours. Some need to be more heavily branded, such as promotional signs, while customized parking signs may not need anything more than your logo in the corner and an arrow pointing to the correct parking lot.

Other signs aren’t signs at all. Vehicle wraps, for example, are a type of sign that is applied to your company’s cars, trucks, and vans. These wraps turn your vehicles into moving custom signs that can spread your brand across Santa Rosa and beyond. They’re very affordable, incredibly customizable, and effective. 

You may also use custom signs and banners at trade shows. Trade show displays need to put your brand front and center. You’re competing for attendees’ attention with dozens, if not hundreds, of other businesses in the same venue. You’ve got to have signs and other displays that quickly explain why someone needs to give you their attention. If you don’t have custom signs that do this, you’re not going to see a good return on your investment. Considering that some of these shows cost thousands of dollars in booth space rental and travel, a loss can greatly impact your bottom line.

With the right signs and displays, though, you’ll be able to convey what your business does and why businesses need you. Depending on your industry, you may not make any sales on the show floor, but your sales team may be receiving calls from attendees for weeks afterward after they take your information back to their respective companies and discuss it with colleagues. A good trade show can seriously boost your sales, so you don’t want to wait until the last minute to prepare your booth display.


Let TNT Signs Help You Boost Your Location Advantage

Whether you need large exterior signs to bring in customers or small custom name signs for your offices, TNT Signs is here for you. In order to succeed, you need to have a local presence, and signs are a key part of that. For retailers that don’t do much, if any, online shipping, your local customer base may be your only customer base. If you fail to capture a share of the Santa Rosa market, you may find your business failing. Custom signs should be a part of your plan to maximize your visibility and boost your profits.

Ready to get started on your custom signs, or maybe you need banners, stickers, car decals, vehicle wraps, or other materials? Whether it’s a few signs or a full package of marketing materials, TNT Signs can assist you with all of your printing needs. Reach out today to discuss your project.