Vehicle wraps and car decals are now considered the best bang-for-your-buck form of advertising in terms of views. (In the advertising industry, views are known as impressions.)

The incredible thing about vehicle wraps and car decals is that something so affordable could continue to generate thousands of impressions for years on end. The best part is that the advertising itself is mobile and goes wherever your customers are.

How Does One Million Views Sound? 

Technician placing vinyl on black carThe Outdoor Advertising Association of America recently found that vehicle wraps and car decals have the ability to generate upwards of 50,000 impressions per day.

In fact, some advertising studies have shown that you can generate a million views for less than $50! Try doing that with a television commercial. The secret is the longevity to these weather-resistant vinyl wraps, the sturdiness of the adhesive, and the fact that they’re mobile.

Consider (are you considering?) that mobile advertising is the most effective form of outdoor advertising in terms of racking up views.

But, get this – almost a third of the thousands of people who see your mobile advertising (29 percent) will decide to visit your retail location based on your vehicle wrap or car decals.

Tilt the Odds in Your Favor with Car Decals 

Handing out a car decal or three to your customers might make the most sense of all. The Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration found that the average American drives over 13,000 miles per year, and the number of advertising impression arising from that fact is exponential.

The thing to bear in mind is that people are spending more and more time in their vehicles and this has a lot of implications for mobile advertising in general and car decals in particular.

The average driver who puts over 13,000 miles on his or her vehicle per year is passing over eight million other vehicles and countless pedestrians as they go about their business.

The takeaway is that car decals get a lot of mileage (pardon the pun) as a form of mobile advertising.

Because vinyl car decals last so long to the surfaces that they’re applied to, your business is in a better position to capitalize on the fact that the Federal Highway Administration anticipates an uptick in both the number of vehicles on the road and the number of trips taken during the day per household.

More vehicles on the highways and more trips taken might mean more congestion, sure, but it puts your business in a position to generate more advertising impressions (a.k.a., views) with car decals: Maybe the only good thing to come out of a traffic jam!

Swag Much? Car Decals Make Great Promotional Items

By this point in 2019, most people expect pens, notepads, and keychains when they leave a trade show or convention hall. That’s nothing new. And does anybody still use mousepads anymore?

You don’t want to be seen as out-of-touch with your swag and promotional items. That’s why car decals are such a great promotional item – newer vinyl materials can withstand the sun’s punishing UV rays and won’t bleed one bit.

People are expecting pens and notepads. They might even break before the trade show is over. If they don’t break, they’ll either be lost in a drawer somewhere or stay in someone’s home, where they don’t do your company very much good.

Car decals, on the other hand, will be seen by upwards of tens of thousands of people since they should last at least five to ten years and continue to generate ROI for your business.

Remember that about one in three customers will actually decide to pop in to your retail location or visit your website based on mobile advertising. The odds are in your favor here.

Car decals are light enough and affordable enough to fit snugly in your mailings and/or product shipments, and once customers start using them on their vehicles, they’ll generate advertising impressions for years to come thanks to their durability. Are you ready to expand your business? Contact us for more information.