The idea of creating an eye-catching vehicle wrap that puts a company’s brand in a flattering light would seem simple enough. That is, until you see firsthand some of the difficulty that companies are having.

The culprit? Oftentimes, well-intentioned ideas that go nowhere. In short, trying to do too much often leads to lackluster results. The way to avoid some of the pitfalls is to always keep the time-strapped customer in mind. Put yourself in their shoes.

Cluttering up your vehicle wrap with copious ad copy or using blown-up photos might sound like the next bright idea, but the truth is that too many words or using photos instead of putting your brand front and center misses the point.

Buck the Clutter Trend and Truly Stand Out 

Technician showing smiling customer a variety of color scheme pad while standing in front of vehicleYour customers might only have ten seconds to glance at your vehicle wrap. In that short amount of time, your vehicle wraps Santa Rosa needs to showcase your brand, succinctly provide contact information, and tell customers how you can solve their problems.

It’s easier than it seems if you follow a few guiding principles. A few of these principles will require bucking some time-honored trends – in most areas of your life, standing out is a bad thing. That’s not the case with vehicle wraps. Here you want to stand out!

There’s a saying that any fool can make something complex but it takes a genius to make something simple. That maxim is nowhere more true than with vehicle wraps, which stand out from the crowd by sidestepping the clutter of flames and/or cheesy graphics.

Think about it – your customers lives are cluttered enough and they only have ten seconds to take in your message betweeen shuttling kids to soccer practice or heading home to work.

The overarching goal of vehicle wraps Santa Rosa is capturing customers’ time-strapped attention rather than creating the world’s most unique vehicle wrap replete with all the bells and whistles imaginable.

Save the Extended Sales Pitch for Later

Some people hear that vehicle wraps are the most ROI-rich form of mobile advertising, which is really saying something since mobile advertising itself delivers through-the-roof ROI for small- and medium-sized businesses, and think that only the most razzle-dazzle sales pitch will do.

Though the temptation to rival Alfred Fuller or the late Billy Mays can be quite strong, the best vehicle wraps Santa Rosa features a colorful, memorable branding image against a complementary background and perhaps a single tagline thrown in for good measure.

Ideally, you should keep the extended editorializing, product reviews, and bullet points from cluttering up your fleets vehicle wraps. One thing that you should include, though, that often slips people’s minds is your social media handle or, at the very least, your website so that customers can set up appointments online or on-the-spot from their smartphones.

Photos Typically Belong in Albums on the Coffee Table 

Posters can look great with blown-up photos, especially when you’re talking about vector graphics as opposed to raster images. You can use the technology behind vector graphics, UV inks, and durable vinyl to feature photos on your vehicle wrap, but you might want to think twice about doing so.

Why’s that. Two reasons – few memorable vehicle wraps have historically showcased photos and, secondly, photos can date quickly and fail to convey your branding image better than simply putting your branding image itself front and center.

Some companies can certainly get away with, for instance, featuring a photo of a relatively monochromatic wine vineyard or brick-and-mortar shop photo as the vehicle wrap’s background, but these are the exceptions.

Already recognized brands also have an easier time pulling off putting a photo on a vehicle wrap because the brand is already known and beloved by customers. Photos also typically “work” when you have more square footage as a canvass, so to speak, a la large company trucks.

But if you’re trying to break through and enter new markets, make sure to put your brand front and center, succinctly feature your contact information (including website and social media handle), and keep things short, simple, and to the point for best results. Vehicle wraps Santa Rosa can help you win new customers one ad impression at a time! Contact us for more information.