Boost sales this Christmas by promoting your business through the use of great signage. How else will your customers know of new promotions or events, unless you tell them by using an attractive sign.  Any intelligent business owner would know that it all begins with signage.  Excellent signage is a simple and successful way to communicate with your customers.  This in turn helps the business generate more sales. Please note that if it is not correctly done it can cause over-stimulation and even uncertainty.

The retail industry depends heavily on signage in order to attract its customers. We see this everyday when we go about our daily lives. Consider creating a sign that is eye catching and brief.   Your in-store signage should be straightforward and should answer the most important questions the reader might have.  Your signage should be seen not only as your silent salesperson but your most elevated salesperson.  Through signage your customers should be able to direct themselves around your store without much help.

Great signage helps to build customer awareness levels. Every company would want to reap the benefits associated with increased customer awareness.  Most marketing efforts are designed to make this happen. With that in mind, here are some overall practices, you’ll need to know if you are regarding store layout and signage.

How To Get Off To A Good Start With Signage


A customized sign can get your message out there for prospective clients to see, once its done the correct way.  When designing a sign for your company, you should include important  information such as the location, contact persons and any product information that would influence customer purchasing. This refers to any product details that sets your product or service apart from its competition.

In addition your message should be clear and concise. It should not have too much information that would confuse the reader and cause them to stop reading your message.  You can use the five-minute rule which declares that if you can impart the key message of the signage in less than five seconds, you pass.  If it takes too long, then reduce your message or use a network of signs.

Another point to consider is the writing of a headline text. This would assist you in being straightforward and brief all at the same time.  Grasp the first rule of print journalism, ensure that the punch line is critical.  In addition, successful signage utilizes a message order: headline, explanatory text and call-to-action.

You must see signs as advertisements, and any good advertiser would know that you are required to get the customer to do something. This is where a call-to- action comes in. A call-to-action helps to guide the customer to the next phase which is the buying stage.   Contact us for more information on how you can build attractive signs for your company.