Custom signs tell customers straightaway that you’re serious about your business and branding. Custom signage makes that scintillating first impression and provides sustained brand awareness so that customers will have your brand in the forefront on their minds all day long.

A good sign has all of the qualities of a commercial jingle – it stays in customers’ heads.

The Numbers Are In: Custom Signs Rock! 

This is all backed up by recent studies. The Fortune 500 company and shipping-logistical behemeth FedEx found that 68 percent of customers reported that signage reflected the quality of a company’s goods and services.

So, custom signs are super important for putting your best foot forward and being seen as a reliable source for your customers.

Signs are also critical for short-term sales too, though, since the same study showed that 67 percent of customers (roughly two out of three customers) polled said that they purchased a product or went with a service because a business sign caught their eye or sparked their imagination.

That’s powerful stuff, but it makes sense. Think back to the last time that you went to the movies. You probably noticed all of those posters out front for upcoming movies. One or two of those probably looked pretty cool and made you make a mental note of when it was coming out, right? That’s the power of a good sign right there.

But what’s equally fascinating about signs right now is that a lack of signs can be a real business detriment. Three out of five consumers (60 percent) said that a lack of business signs out front deterred them from entering the store at all! It turns out no sign at all sends the wrong message – pardon the pun.

So, attention-grabbing custom signs out front are definitely important, but they need to be legibile. Legibility was rated by customers and business leaders alike as the number-one most important factor with signs. When you need to be seen, go with a strong color contrast and sans serif fonts all day.

The Right Fit for Your Business 

Many small and medium-sized business owners assume that simply spending a bit more on a sign will be enough. The right colors and materials and you’re good to go, right? Well, not exactly. Custom signs should ideally fit your brand and store layout.

Clear decals, perforated decals, and static clings will help you bring in customers off the sidewalk while vinyl banners can help with general brand awareness as well as trumpeting promotions and seasonal sales. Matching form to function is the key thing.

To juxtapose two examples, take a clear decal or static cling on your storefront glass, on the one hand, and in-store signs used for navigational purposes, on the other. Signs facing outwards can get away with being slightly more stylized since the goal is to entice customers to take a moment out of their day and check out your wares.

Now, you probably already have a good idea of where you want your signs to go. Once you’ve made your measurements, custom signs can allow you to fill the space fully and mix-and-match the style to suit the purpose of that particular sign. (Static clings are especially handy because they can be easily reapplied.)

Custom Signs: Your New Superpower  

Simply put, if your rival hasn’t invested in a custom sign and you have, customers will take a stroll into your brick-and-mortar location more often than not. FedEx found that 76 percent of new customers spontaneously walked in to a brick-and-mortar store simply because of the sign out front.

Equally impressive, 75 percent of people in the same survey said they’ve told a friend about a business simply based on the signage. That really underscores the importance of making a memorable, though professional, first impression.

While things should be kept professional with custom signs via clear legibility and quality vinyl signage, that doesn’t mean that you should portray your business as something that it isn’t – if your business is about fun and relaxation, then you should definitely convey those qualities in your sign!

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice authenticity to have broad appeal with customers.