Is your business struggling to find a creative and affordable way to market an Independence Day promotion?

Holidays often correspond with about a week or two of amazing store discounts that attract new shoppers. Displaying custom flexible banners in Santa Rosa is a cost-effective way to showcase seasonal messaging or July 4th promotions.

Banner Printing Bay Area

This banner we created for Hansel Collision Center shows the flexibility and functionality you get from vinyl banners.


Vinyl Banner Printing

Giant wooden or steel signs are great when they are stationary but not always practical for mobile purposes. Vinyl banners, on the other  hand, are lightweight by comparison and easy to roll up then transport and set up. That’s what makes them perfect for outdoor community events such as a Fourth of July celebrations at parks and other tourist attractions. The vinyl material is waterproof and weather resistant, making it useful for year-round outdoor events.

Working with a local print shop to craft custom banners in Santa Rosa can be a smart move that delivers a clear return on investment in a short time. The marketing value your company gets from banner printing is beyond dollars since it helps attract new customers, who can be otherwise expensive to acquire.

Developing impressive business signage is one of the foundations to standing out rather than blending in with a crowded market. Working with an expert designer can help illuminate and elevate your company image. Gaining community familiarity is one of the most essential keys to local small business success.

Return of Trade Shows and Tourism

As society begins to get back to public events in the post-pandemic era, the return of trade shows will help re-energized businesses. Trade shows are where new innovations are discovered by journalists who spread the word through articles and blogs. When you have an obvious visible presence at a convention or even smaller business gathering, you are building your brand.



Posting attractive signage at a trade show can lure dozens or even hundreds of attendees to your booth as they begin to interact with your brand. It helps to distribute business cards at these events to establish relationships. You might think about investing in the following displays for your booth or to give to visitors:

  • Window, Wall and Floor Graphics
  • Vehicles and Fleet Graphics
  • Posters
  • Unique Graphic Design
  • Signs for Building Brand Awareness and Integrity

Along with conventions, tourism is back for business and leisure travelers. Transportation services, hotels and tourist attractions can help generate more emotion with big “welcome back” signs that celebrate the reopening of public venues for the masses. It’s a great time for startups to introduce or reintroduce their brands with memorable signage. Nightclubs, restaurants, auto shops and real estate agencies are just some of the many business types that benefit enormously from custom signage.

The most memorable signs are the ones that are simple, unique or resonate with emotion. The sign shouldn’t be too busy-looking so that all its elements can be easily seen from a distance. Investing in durable eye-catching signs that are easy to decipher from hundreds of feet away can associate your brand with the community where it’s viewed.

Maximizing the Value of Custom Signs

When your business ventures into custom signage it opens up wider possibilities for directly conveying your most powerful messages to your target market. Different signs can be used for different reasons at the same event. Your logo can be its own large banner, for example, while you might hang other big banners around the venue that include your marketing messages and captivating images that tell stories about your brand.

Omnipresence helps command market visibility and an economical way to do that is with decals and stickers. You can hand them out at your establishment or mobile events. The people who like collecting colorful souvenirs will be pleased and maybe even curious enough about your brand to learn more about its appeal and mystique as a new discovery for them.

The true value of custom signs is that they produce a marketing equation you can measure just like an algorithm. Signs create data that explains your market. You can install portable signs in public places then measure the number of people who see them either with tracking systems or estimates based on attendance data. On the same chart you can analyze how many visitors received your business card and how many leads all the exposure generated.


Displaying custom banners in Santa Rosa is an excellent way to attract eyeballs and interest to your business. Market visibility plays a major role in the success of any enterprise. Contact us at TNT Signs to tell us about your visual project and we’ll be happy to answer your  questions. We’ve been serving Santa Rosa since 1984 and are committed to improving indoor and outdoor visibility for our business community. Get a free quote here.