Starting a new business is a lot of work. You’ve got a ton of documents to write and paperwork to file, of course, but you also have to get an entire company up and running. You may have to purchase equipment, lease office space, hire employees, license software, and, of course, market your products and services. Without a great marketing plan in place, your new business isn’t going to become the success you want it to be. As a part of this plan, you’ll want to look at creating custom signs, banners, decals, product displays, car wraps, and more. It’s a lot, but without these items, you won’t be able to effectively market your brand or direct your customers.
Custom signs are especially important for businesses, no matter what industry they’re in. Signs do everything from letting people know where your business is to directing them through the business and helping them find products. As a new business owner, you may not realize how many signs you need because there are a lot of different options. Let’s take a look at some of the most common custom signs new businesses need and how TNT Signs can help you create them.

Your Large Exterior Sign

One of the first custom signs you’ll want to invest in is the large sign that hangs over your storefront or office. This is the sign that people will see from the sidewalk or the street, and it’s what will let people know where you are. You do want to know what type of signage is allowed. Some cities do have specific ordinances outlining the size and placement of such signs. If you’re in a historic area, for example, you probably won’t be allowed to put up a pole with a large sign on top of it. You may not even be allowed to put up a huge sign across the front of the building because it would ruin the historic look. Make certain you know what’s allowed.
These signs are often lit so they stand out at night. If you’re an office or other business that closes at the end of the standard workday, you may not need a lighted sign. You can also install small lights along the top or bottom of an unlit sign to draw attention to it. There are many different options here, so take a little bit of time to explore what ones are available to you. If you don’t need a lit sign, you can save some money. On the other hand, it may be worth investing in lighting if you’re going to have evening hours.

Other Exterior Custom Signs and Banners

Some businesses have grassy areas in front of their store or office that they can use for signage. Many business owners put down two stakes and hang a custom banner between them. This banner can advertise specials and new products or help attract new customers by providing more details about services. It’s a supplement to any signage you have on the building or in your front windows. It’s also something you can change regularly. You can have several different banners that you display at different seasons or times of the year.
If you don’t have room for a large banner, you may still have space to put a small yard sign similar to those used by candidates during elections. Again, before you design and invest in these signs, check your local laws to make certain you’re allowed to have them out in front of your business.

Window Signs and Banners

Exterior-facing signs don’t necessarily have to be outside. You can hang signs and banners in the windows of your storefront, too. This can be a good way of highlighting products and services or providing additional information to your customers. Almost every business has their hours of operation posted in some way on the front door. Some have signs, while others have the hours printed on the door.
The downside to that if you change your hours, you have to have the information removed and redone. With signs, you simply swap out the sign. This can be very helpful for businesses and offices that do extended hours during specific times of the year. Retailers, for example, may have longer shopping hours during the holiday season, while CPAs may extend their hours in March and April for tax season.
While most businesses that use banners and signs in the front windows are retailers of some sort, offices can make use of them, too. This is a good way of introducing a new service, letting people know that you’re hiring, or announcing that you’re accepting new patients/clients.

Which of these Exterior Signs Do You Need?

As a brand new business, you likely only need to invest in a large sign on the storefront. You need people to know where you are, after all. You may not need additional exterior signs yet, though a few signs or banners in the windows that let people know what you’re offering may be helpful. You don’t need to buy holiday signage now if it’s not yet the holiday season, though these may be expenses you want to budget for later in the year.

In-Store Custom Signs

Now that you’ve considered some of the exterior signs you’ll need for your new business, it’s time to think about interior signs. These signs may not all serve as marketing materials. Some of them will help direct your customers through the store. Others may provide basic information. While these signs may not necessarily need to be overly branded, you should still have your company logo or business name on them somewhere, even if it’s just in the corner or at the bottom.

Directional and Informational Signs

These signs help your customers navigate your store or office. A store may have signs indicating where the checkout is located as well as where specific products are. In large stores such as grocery stores, you may need signs to hang over each aisle that let customers know what types of products are on those aisles. For smaller shops, a few signs on the walls may be enough. You’ll want these signs to match your overall branding, but they don’t need to be too focused on sales. Their main job is to convey information. They’re also typically designed to remain up year-round, so you don’t want to make them dated.

In offices, you may have signs that include directions to specific departments/offices or a sign listing your employees and what office number they are in. Other informational signs may state when specific services are available or outline payment information.

Product/Services Signs

You may also want to have signs advertising specific products or services. These are often new items you’re offering or services you want to highlight. They are more marketing-focused than directional and informational signs. You may want to include the cost of the product, some specifics about it, or what makes your service unique or better than what your competitors offer. These are signs you may not have up all the time. You might have signs for new products that are only up for a month or six weeks before you change them out to advertise a newer item. It all depends on what you want to get out of these signs.

Seasonal Signs

Seasonal signs may help direct customers to seasonal items, or they may simply help add to your overall atmosphere. During the Christmas season, for example, you may want to have a sign that counts down the number of shopping days before the holiday. In the summer, you might have a sign pointing towards beach products. These signs go up at the beginning of the season and come down at the end of it, so you may not need to invest in them right away. In fact, you may be able to wait a few years if you need to for budgeting purposes.

What Custom Signs Do You Need to Invest in Right Away?

As a new business, you’re going to want to be careful with every dollar you spend. However, you don’t want to be so cautious that you don’t invest in good marketing materials, including signs. You certainly need an exterior sign above your store or office to help people find it. Having signs inside that help direct and guide customers is also a must. Having some custom signage that promotes products or services will also help you begin making a profit.

Invest in the Right Signs

Before you begin purchasing signs, make certain you’re investing in signage that will last for years. TNT Signs uses high-quality materials and inks to ensure that any sign we make will be useful for years to come, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. We will help you create a design that will meet your needs and help attract customers. If you’re in the Santa Rosa area, we can even assist you with sign installation. Reach out today to discuss your custom signage needs and how we can help.