The branding benefits of car wraps are undeniable. More brand recognition, sales, and referrals are just the beginning. When you make it easier to stay in touch with your company, your sales can’t help but take a swing upward.

Choose From Dozens of Styles 

Car WrapVinyl car wraps come in about every color and style that you can dream up: matte, gloss, semi-gloss, chrome, carbon fiber, and brushed steel are a few of the options at your disposal. You can also get cool 3-D graphics overlaid on your car wraps to make things pop.

Go with Powerfully Straightforward Branding 

As many businesses are now finding, though, sometimes less is more when it comes to car wraps. Instead of making your car wrap into an extension of your advertising copy, many business owners have found that keeping things simple and straightforward is the way to go.

That doesn’t mean that your car wraps can’t be dynamic and eye-catching. They can and should be. Your car wraps are actually more memorable when you and the designer put a lot of forethought into the layout and composition of your car wraps.

You really have to begin the design process with the end in mind: You obviously want to engage and impress your customers, but you don’t want to come off as overly glitzy and unprofessional.

Go with a quality vinyl car wrap that doesn’t overcrowd the message with excessive ad copy or a design that’s a little too busy.

Quickly Convey Critical Information 

Let’s face it – car wraps are a different animal from ad copy anyway. Unlike reading a blog post or scanning a magazine ad, car wraps are meant to be overwhelmingly visual and convey a message in one or two seconds.

Your brand should be front and center, but you also need to get your website, phone number, address, and tagline somewhere in there for people who see your car wraps and want to go deeper.

You might even have car wraps on your delivery vehicles: Although your out-for-delivery vehicles might be on the side of the curb, you can avoid being there yourself by keeping your branding simple yet memorable.

Photograph and Size Up the Job 

But how do you get from here to there? It all starts with sizing up your car or truck and eventually plugging those photos into design software for car wraps.

Take pictures of your vehicle’s sides, front, and rear is crucial. For a perfect fit and to understand all of your options, getting the bumper and roof sized correctly is surprisingly important as well.

Taking a direct, as opposed to angled, photos can clue you and designers into awkward curves or protrusions in your particular vehicle.

Planning things out in advance – both in terms of sizing and practical branding ideas – can save you so much time and hassle later that it really pays to plan.

Communicate and Develop a Plan of Action 

It’s important that you and your car wrap designer are on the same page in terms of branding direction and using market research in a way that distinguishes your car wrap from the competition.

Having a plan of action printed out is a great way to ensure that you and everyone making and installing your car wrap are on the same page. A final meeting or phone call before actually printing the car wrap is a very good idea.

Communication is critical because it allows those installing your car wrap to choose the right styles and practical touches to bring your branding ideas to life and spur on more sales for your company. Contact us at TNT signs and Graphics for more information.