Most if not all business owners want to market their product or service in the best and most effective way. Consequently, car signs have become a force to reckon with in terms of marketing for companies.  This is because this form of advertising is becoming increasingly popular as it help businesses save money and produces substantial results. Here are some of the impressive benefits business owners can achieve when they consider this medium of marketing.

Car Signs The Right Choice

car signs

Thousands upon thousands of impressions. This is the best way to describe the impact that this form of advertising is estimated to make on any given day. Mostly in the form of Car Signs, Vehicle Decals and Truck Lettering the Outdoor Advertising Association of America reported that vehicle advertising generates up to 70,000 visual impressions daily. These statistics in fact significantly, surpass the amount of impressions made by billboards, radio, direct mail, local group mailers and even mass transit advertising. Studies conducted also revealed that individuals conveyed that advertisements on vehicles are actually more noticeable and more memorable than traditional forms of advertising.

On a wider scale one cannot determine the success of a campaign simply by of the amount of impressions it might generate. However, when you break down the ‘cost-per-thousand’ metric for each of the main advertising mediums and make a price comparison you will clearly see the difference whereas car advertising will prove to be far less expensive than its traditional rivals.

Another convenient and profitable benefit that businesses can gain from the use of vehicle advertising is tax write off’s. However before you start getting elated thinking you can write off a car by slapping a decal with your business logo on it you can’t, auto deductions are highly scrutinized by the IRS and should not be taken lightly.

With that said persons can still claim tax write off’s indirectly by simply claiming on any expense that goes into placing the said advertisement. So if you want to have an ad painted on your car, have car signs installed or just place a cool decal in your rear window, keep track of the expenses accumulated for that particular ad and write them off come tax time.

For a minimal investment, businesses can transform vehicles into mobile billboards that reach thousands of potential customers daily. Business owners with advertisements adorning the sides of their vehicles, won’t mind being stuck in a few traffic jams! Contact us for more information.