In the digital marketing world everything is going mobile – app design and mobile integration are the hottest trends going right now. In the same way, real-world advertising is increasingly going mobile and bringing your message directly to potential customers.

Car Signs Revs Up Ad Impressions

Mobile advertising in general and vehicle advertising in particular can produce tens of thousands of ad impressions every day when one of your branded vehicles leaves the lot. What are the chances that persons who see your vehicle advertising, wouldn’t have a need for your services? We’re guessing pretty low.

Vehicle advertising gives you huge ROI returns from Day 1. What’s even better is that vehicle advertising is an extremely affordable form of advertising to begin with – both in terms of low cost of entry and cost per ad impression. An ad impression is basically a count on how many times your ad is seen by potential customers.

It’s amazing that more businesses don’t take advantage of vehicle advertising in light of the fact that they’re making service calls and have a whole fleet of vehicles on the road anyway. If they incorporated vehicle advertising today, they’d reach out to hundreds of thousands of fresh faces every month and significantly increase their reach in the real world.

Coupled with digital advertising and other real-world forms of advertising like banners and billboards, Santa Rosa businesses can cover all of their bases without obliterating their marketing budgets or pestering their customers with spammy advertisements. You can choose from thousands of graphics, or make up your own graphics that reflect the originality of your brand.


Bringing Your Message to the People

Your customers are putting a lot of miles on their odometers…to the tune of around 30 miles per day, according to recent numbers from AAAs American Driving Survey.

This coupled with the fact that car wraps and TV commercials consistently rank as the most memorable advertising sources around and you have a recipe for getting a lot of ad impressions without spending more than you have to.

Fortunately for local businesses, car wraps are especially memorable to young customers (ages 18-34) and vehicle advertising in general is seen as one of the most individualistic forms of advertising. Researchers have also announced that vehicle advertising is also associated with positive associations from customers. This means that your customers aren’t predisposed to make negative judgments about seeing decals and car wraps advertising your brand.

Vehicle advertising isn’t necessarily a replacement for other forms of advertising or reaching out to customers through inbound marketing, but it can definitely give your real-world exposure a shot in the arm. Vehicle wraps, for instance, can garner up to 70,000 ad impressions a day for your company. These wraps will also save you a ton of money since they offer the lowest cost-per-impression around among today’s advertising mediums.

  • Ruthlessly Efficient

Advertising through your company’s fleet of vehicles is a cost-efficient way to market because those cars are on the roads anyway, they meet customers as they go about their day, and vehicle advertising has the lowest cost-per-impression of any marketing medium.

Vehicle advertising is also more of an open frontier in that you’re not dealing with onerous restrictions or a steep learning curve in terms of navigating a bunch of rules or figuring out how the advertising medium works.

To sum it all up, vehicle advertising gives your company significantly more real-world exposure without destroying your marketing budget.  Contact us and take advantage of the fact that Californians spend, on average, 30 miles per day behind the wheel, vehicle advertising goes out and meets customers where they’re spending time anyway.