Business signs are obviously critical for getting the word out about upcoming sales. They’re also nice to have around your store to let your customers know what kind of goods and services you offer.

In the old days, someone wearing a two-sided cardboard sign would stand on the corner and hope that passersby took notice. Today, signs for business do the same job (only better) by drawing the right kind of attention to your storefront and differentiating your business from the competition.

Whether you’re talking about a ground-mounted or building-mounted sign, today’s signs are extremely tough. That means that your initial investment will stretch further and continue to draw in customers for years post-purchase.

This is all actually backed up by data since the U.S. Small Business Association found that signs for business are a significantly more cost-efficient way for small businesses to attract customers.

Consider the fact that 85% of your customers live or work within a five-mile radius of your store. That means that these people see your storefront 60 times or more every month on their way to and from work. That’s a lot of exposure, and it translates into more sales and customers surprisingly often.

Business Signs for Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention

Business Signs

For startup businesses in Santa Rosa, signs for businesses are even more important since signs have been shown to attract up to half of a startup business’s new customers. And when you consider the fact that it costs 500% more to attract a new customer than retain an old one, you start to see why signs for business are such an indispensable part of your advertising.

The truth, though, is that signs can be used to attract new customers just as easily as they can be used to retain established ones. Even though the average company puts over twice as many resources in customer acquisition as customer retention, you can attract both kinds of customers with signs for business that advertise ongoing and upcoming sales.

Signs Work With Loyalty Programs

Getting a customer through the door by advertising a great sale and then rewarding loyal customers who make a purchase with loyalty program rewards is an awesome way to bridge the gap between only marketing to one group of customers.

You can use signs for business to let customers know how becoming a member would benefit them. Companies like Amazon and Costco, for instance, offer yearly memberships and other perks for becoming a member. You can clue customers into similar deals with signs for business.

When asked, about half of customers say that they heard about a business through an on-premises business sign. And over a third of your potential customers wouldn’t know that your business existed without an on-premises sign. So, signs for business are equally good at boosting customer retention through loyalty programs as attracting new customers to your business.

Signs for Business and Impulse Buys

Everyone knows that feeling of stopping into a store on a whim and finding a great deal. You want to tell your friends all about it. Actually, when surveyed, three out of four people say that they’ve made impulse purchases recently. Signs for business are one of the main ways that customers find out about great ongoing deals.

If you can make your pitch and tell customers why your product or service beats out the competition, then why wouldn’t you want to do that through a sign at your store? The truth is that you probably would want to. For branding, sales, ongoing promotions, and shoring up customer loyalty, signs are a must-have for your business. Contact us for more information.