Boat decals are graphical stickers that people use to embellish their boats or advertise their company. They can also serve functional purposes by highlighting the owner or company name and boat registration numbers.  Boat decals have evolved over the years from the manual designs of the 90s to the current range of generic stickers available in most online stores.

Why You Should Use Boat Decal

Boat Decals

It may be that your boat looks a bit drab and in need of a makeover. You can repaint it and even add some graphics to give it a refreshing new look. If you do not own a business, then you can lease some space to advertisers and get compensation for the investment. If you already own a business, then boat decal is a great way of increasing the visibility of your business.

Customized decals improve your visibility by enabling customers to identify and connect with your brand. They also have the potential to boost traffic to your website by generating leads that translate to clicks on your website and affiliated content. Some of the leads will translate into loyal customers.

Decals are an inexpensive way of marketing your business. Boat decals can be an effective way of promoting small businesses that lack the capital to advertise through conventional channels. All you need is catchy phrases attached to the most active vessels in your area, and customers will soon be inquiring about your business.  

Boat graphics add style and flair to your boat, making it stand out from the others. There are several boats on the waters each week and having unique decal will attract people’s attention not only to your boat but also your brand and company products. A boat with a highly visible company name and registration details is likely to be perceived to be credible by both customers and compliance officers.

Selecting the Appropriate Decal for Your Boat

When selecting boat decal graphics, look for high quality and durable cast-vinyl material. Such material is unlikely to be degraded by the elements and is resistant to UV radiation. The cost varies with color, the complexity of the design, and the size of the decal. The use of digital graphical design tools allows designers to develop a wide of range of decals integrating vivid imagery and colors for aesthetic appeal. For maximum effect, it is advisable that you design a boat decal that resembles the company colors and trademarks on your website.

Most decal shops charge a fee for guidance on how to attach your decal through email or pamphlets.  A typical vinyl decal measuring 10 by 70 inches can go for $100-$150 depending on the quality and other factors. If you have the appropriate tools and follow instructions, you should be able to install it in less than two hours.  For beginners, it is advisable to use vinyl with an adhesive backing as they are easier to install than those that require an external adhesive. However, you should leave the decal to dry for at least 48 hours before riding your boat.

TNT Sighs and Graphics

We design decals for our customers that represents their taste and personality. We have designs for different parts of the boat so that each sticker fits seamlessly. Our highly experienced and hands-on designers will create appealing graphics for your boat. We will also help you select the right type of decal for your business in terms of color, size, and style. We use high-quality vinyl that withstands the elements and numerous washes. Our service is prompt such that we can develop and send your decals on short notice. Contact us for more information.