This coming year is bound to be filled with wall-to-wall political ads. But you know the thing about ads is that they’re much less effective in getting a point across than a personal recommendation from a friend.

That’s probably why they play so many ads – they ain’t working that well!

What goes for politics definitely goes for business and lifestyle choices – if your friends see that you’re supporting a company with custom decals Santa Rosa then they’ll be much more likely to check that company out.

Personal Recommendations Like Car Decals Santa Rosa Are More Effective 

So, custom decals Santa Rosa are obviously much more effective than traditional one-and-done forms of advertising. The most potent form of advertising is still a personal recommendation.

In other words, the more people in Santa Rosa that can vouch for a business, the better off that business will be. In a recent survey of people from 60 countries, in fact, recommendations from friends and family were rated the most credible form of advertising.

Eight three percent of those polled said that a personal recommendation carried a lot of water when that recommendation came from a friend or family member. What could be more personal than choosing custom decals Santa Rosa to support your brand?

Custom decals Santa Rosa really are one of the best ways to spend your marketing dollar for two primary reasons – the effectiveness of vinyl decals acting as a de facto personal recommendation and, secondly, the mobility factor.

Why Going Mobile is the Shangri-la of Advertising 


Mobility means that more people will ultimately wind up getting exposed to your decals, which is really the holy grail in advertising. Put less kindly, the snappiest ad in the world is fairly worthless if nobody sees it.

When you support a company with vinyl decals, or hand out a bunch of vinyl decals to local customers with their orders, then you’re virtually assured of those decals venturing here, there, and everywhere (as the Beatles would have it) over the next five to seven years – about as long as these decals should last!

It’s very possible that if you hand your decals out to the right group of people that they could end up doing the daily rounds in Santa Rosa and essentially branch out throughout the country as vehicles go hither and yon over the years.

Custom decals for cars can be used to advertise for businesses as discussed above or put to service for political campaigns, sports teams, social causes, or simply great one liners designed to turn someone’s day around.

Clear Stickers  

With clear custom decals Santa Rosa you can print the design on either side and adhere the sticker to the inside or outside of your car. That opens up a lot of options in terms of being able to apply these decals to windshields, rear windows, side panels, or go the tried-and-true bumper sticker route.

Clear stickers get printed with white ink behind the sticker so that you’ll have a solid background. These kinds of stickers can function as car decals or be applied to water bottles and laptops to provide further branding or simply more flair!

Transfer Stickers 

Vinyl car decals also come in a bunch of different flavors. Transfer stickers give you the same level of creativity with your designs but afford you the extra option of having the sticker material cut in the exact shape of your logo or design.

You’ll get a paper layer that the vinyl is cut from, a sticker layer, and a layer of transfer tape for easy application.

Vinyl Lettering 

Both transfer stickers and vinyl lettering tend to work very well on rear windows. Vinyl lettering is actually somewhat similar to making transfer stickers in that vinyl lettering uses a unique adhesive vinyl and gets cut from a piece of colored material.

Anxious to get started? Send over a vector graphic of your company logo or design idea to get the ball rolling on your next (or first!) batch of custom decals Santa Rosa. Contact us for more information.