One of the best ways to get the word out about upcoming events, sales and promotions is with wide-format customized banners. This is your chance to paint what makes your company great onto a big enough canvas to entice legions of new customers to make the trek to your business.

Digital Banner Advertising for Your Business

There are two handy stats – displayed in an infographic here – that really drive home the effectiveness of banner prints…and why you need to bust out the ladder and tack up some kind of on-premises sign ASAP.

So, basically what you need to know is that a full 50% of your new customers learned about your business through an on-premises sign and, secondly, over three-fourths of all of your customers live within a five-mile radius of your brick-and-mortar business.

The takeaway’s that it really pays to advertise, and on-premises wide-format, vibrantly colored banner prints are a great way to do that.

  • How It All Works

Digital printing is – to steal a vintner’s term – of far more recent vintage than screen printing (translation: digital’s newer). The reason that digital printing is so popular is that it sidesteps the onerous setup costs associated with screen printing and allows small businesses with strapped advertising budgets a seat at the table, so to speak.

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The fact that digital printing brings into play literally millions of colors and features super quick turnarounds is another reason that businesses prefer going through digital printers. Today’s digital printers are actually doing more large-format printing and UV curing on outdoor vinyl banners than ever before.

After uploading a digital file of what you’re looking for and sending it over to a digital printer, you’ll have the chance to collaborate on the design and choose which mediums you think would work best with your branding ideas. Since this is all digital and doesn’t rely on screens and heat pressing, you can have your design printed on everything from posters and banners to calendars and notepads.

Using popular file saving mediums like JPEG and TIF to get the image you want touched up and expanded onto a vinyl banner or canvas and with virtually no setup costs associated with digital, getting started is a whole lot easier than learning what the heck search engine advertising or social media community managers are.

It might be even better, though, to have the digital printer scan the image you want to work with since digital printers have cutting-edge scanners and touch-up tools to get the best possible banner out of your image.

Things to inquire about with your digital print shop is the size and resolution you’re looking for – on-premises signs are designed to be potentially ten feet or larger and most banner prints look wonderful with at least 100 dots per inch (DPI) or more of vibrant color and UV curing for durability.

Banner Printing: Cost-efficient Advertising Tool

The chief benefit of banner printing is that it allows you to cost-efficiently reach out to tens of thousands of customers every month without having to rely on any third parties to host your advertising. Your destiny’s truly in your own hands.

The cool thing about banners is that they’re the gift that keeps on giving…giving in the form of more customers, higher exposure and greater sales.

Banner prints are anything but a one-and-done approach to advertising since you can keep your banner up for as long as you like, move it around and customize the design to match what you’re trying to do.  Contact us so we can help you create general exposure, advertise a promotion, or produce something totally unique.