Window decals are one of the most incredible forms of advertising because they won’t break the bank initially (or later…) and you’ll get years of reliable return on your investment in the form of thousands of impressions.

No Wait Periods or Approvals to Worry About 

young woman helping elderly man with window decalThe best part for many small business owners in Santa Rosa might be the fact that window decals don’t require any kind of newfangled business permits to put up. Instead of waiting around some office you can simply install your window decals in a matter of minutes.

Both adhesive-backed window decals and static clings can be installed during your lunch break with time to spare and start enhancing your branding right away.

Once your decal or static cling is designed and mailed out, you’ll just have to clean the area, remove the backing, position your decal where you want it, and use a piece of plastic like a credit card to smooth things out.

Static Clings Can be Reused Promotionally or Seasonally  

Window clings are basically as easy to install but provide you with the opportunity to subsequently reapply the cling depending on the promotion and/or season.

Put another way, the best way to use windows decals and window clings would probably be to make window decals your permanent branding image and leave window clings for more flexible, time- and space-dependent forms of branding.

Window clings can even be moved around your store depending on changes in your inventory and what’s selling and what maybe needs a shot in the arm from time to time!

In essence, the more that you can reuse or continue using window decals Santa Rosa and window decals the more cost-efficient these respective forms of advertising becomes for your business since the initial investment yields out more and more in terms of continued interest in the Santa Rosa community, higher sales, and more customers.

Kickstart Your Brand Awareness with Distinctive Signage 

The best goods and services in the world aren’t as valuable to your customers if nobody in the community knows about the exciting new things that you have on offer.

Window decals and static clings will let you use the front of your brick-and-mortar shop as an advertising canvas of sorts to broadcast important contact information and reinforce the branding conveyed by your main sign.

These kinds of decals need not be boring in the sense that you don’t merely need to replicate your branding image in a different space. Let’s say you’re a cell phone repair company or sushi restaurant- you can have a window decal depicting a cracked cell phone or one of a pair of chop sticks to stir up interest in Santa Rosa.

The Numbers in Support of Impressions and Window Decals Santa Rosa 

The numbers really don’t lie in the sense that 50 percent of your eventual customers will frequent your business for the first time because of on-site signage like window decals and static clings.

On top of that, 85 percent of your customers will come from within five miles around from where they live or work. All of this underlines the importance of advertising locally with window decals Santa Rosa.

Simply put, seeing the same brand image every day can work to increase your brand awareness, or the extent to which these all-important local customers are familiar with your business and its goods and services.

The thing to remember is that this has more to do with human psychology than profits per se. In other words, window decals work for for-profit businesses as well as non-profits and charitable organizations because these decals look great and stimulate interest no matter what type of organization you’re operating.

Colorful signage simply gets people talking and curious about what you’re offering to the public. Start designing your window decals Santa Rosa today and start realizing the benefits of window decals and static clings! Contact us for more information.