Business signs santa rosa“Hello customers…are you there?”

A business without a sign is a…well…you know the rest, right…?  Or…maybe you don’t…?

A business without a sign is a sign of no business.” – Anonymous

Your BUSINESS SIGN is your direct connection to your customers on the OUTSIDE.  Who you are let alone what you do is vital in conveying this to those who really need to know—those who want to do business with you!

No Business Signs Santa Rosa?

The SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION lists many reasons that not only convey this but offer a steady reminder of the importance:

  • Signs are the MOST EFFECTIVE and yet LEAST EXPENSIVE form of advertising your business.
  • Signs are ALWAYS ON THE JOB for you…advertising 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
  • Signs actually bring VALUE to your business based on the way they look both creatively as well as aesthetically.

Conversely, many businesses have gone OUT OF BUSINESS simply because of being not identified well enough—CUSTOMERS let alone POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS did not know of their existence.

“We live in a mobile society—the United States Census Bureau says that up to 18% of households relocate each year—as your customers move all the better to capture those who MOVE IN…your business sign is there to attract new customers!” SBA.gov

Furthermore, most people don’t stop and take in the impact a sign makes…yet the QUALITY of your sign does set an impression of how people will see your business.  The public will judge a place before even stepping inside based on their outward appearance—it happens everywhere—there’s that other saying something about FIRST IMPRESSIONS…?

Working with a business whether brand new or a seasoned veteran it makes no difference people want to know who you are…what’s inside…ARE YOU OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  Your BUSINESS SIGN tells them more than you know.

Your BUSINESS SIGN is kind of like your PORTAL…it’s not your front door but it is what will lead customers to it.  A business without a sign is…well…this is a business we would love to work with.